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Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb


Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
James-Watt-Str. 12
72755 Metzingen
+49 (0)7123/18040
+49 (0)7123/18384

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Asking price

  • Reference number 1049-673081
    Manufacture Year 2002
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Printing machines and paper processing
  • Punching machines
  • pressure
    63 t
    no. of strokes
    80 - 300 Hub/min
    sheet width
    1000 mm
    25 mm
    total power requirement
    22 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    10000 kg
    dimensions of the machine ca.
  • H E I L B R O N N (Germany)
    Double Column (H-Frame) Automatic Blanking Press / Blanking
    Line to perforate Aluminium Coil Material
    Model SA 63 Year 2002 S/N 105835

    Pressingng capacity 630 kN/63 to

    Table clamping area 1,200 x 500 mm
    Ram clamping area 1.000 x 400 mm
    Coil-Material data 400 to 1.000 x 0,3 to 1,0 mm

    Distance between ram guides 1,250 mm
    Clearance between sid frames 300 x 500 mm
    Table hole 900 x 50 mm
    Daylight stroke low 280 mm

    No. of strokes, infinitely variable 80 - 300 /min
    Ram stroke, fixed 25 mm
    Ram adjustment, motor driven 50 mm

    Total electrical load, approx. 22 kW - 400 V - 50 Hz
    Weight, approx. 10,000 kg

    Accessories / Special Features:
    * Modern designed Blanking press with fly-wheel drive and two point ram and
    with 4 Friction bearings in special bronze and pneumatic clutch/brake
    combination, and Ram guide system by 4 preclamped roller guides used
    for perforating aluminium strip material.
    * Steplessly adjustable Number of strokes by frequency controlled Motor up to
    300 p.Min.
    * Ram adjustment motorized with quick feed and creep feed, hydraulic overload
    safety system 10 mm travel/ 40-100 % adjustable, built-in Press Safety Valve
    HERION XSZ 32, ram weight balancing device, Central Lubrication by grease-
    and oilsupply, separate standing switch cabinet and hydraulic unit,
    movable 2-Hand Safety Release
    * Equipped with decoiler width up to 1100 mm/2 tons, strip-material roller
    * Electronic Roll feed model WVL 1000, hydraulic cut off tool in front of
    * Hydraulic die-clamping system on ram and table side,
    * SIEMENS PLC Control Unit Model S 7 for direct input of all production data,
    screen and with clear error reports, choice of various pressing functions
    * The Press is mounted on 4 HD Air suspension bolsters. The housing is
    partially noise protected. Shearing device in front of table

    Condition : Good to excellent, modern design and Control .
    Machine can be inspected under power.
    Delivery : Ex stock, as inspected.
    Payment : Net, after conclusion of contract.

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