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GF Machining Solutions’ LASER S series puts productivity and quality at fingertips

As a new manufacturing era dawns, GF Machining Solutions today provides manufacturers with a new Laser texturing technology solution that can execute challenging product designs at maximum quality and productivity. The new AgieCharmilles LASER S series - to be launched February 27 in Asia - puts a highly efficient, fully digital, all-in-one texturing solution at product designers’ and mold makers’ fingertips.

The new AgieCharmilles LASER S series helps users perfectly apply their designs to challenging surfaces while controlling their cost per part, reducing lead time and machining time, and significantly improving quality.

Conceived to help users increase their productivity while maintaining highest quality standards, the new, high-performance LASER S series puts manufacturers at the forefront on the unfolding global digital transformation. With the GF Division’s Laser texturing technology, users have access to a fully digital means of overcoming the limitations of conventional and manual methods. As a result, the daily challenges of difficult-to-realize designs and quality deviations are reduced and users are positioned to seize new business opportunities today.

The GF Division’s LASER P series became the market reference for Laser texturing after its 2009 introduction, delivering the full range of Laser texturing advantages and the big plus of controlled costs. This year, on the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the AgieCharmilles LASER family, the new LASER S series takes Laser texturing performance even further: As an all-in-one solution, the LASER S series advances manufacturers’ productivity, quality, design freedom and time to market while reducing cost per part in challenging market segments such as packaging, information and communications technology (ICT) and automotive.

With performance proven in a range of benchmarking tests in various demanding industrial segments, the LASER S significantly reduces machining time while increasing machining quality and slashing fine texturing time. The LASER S does all that in a single setup - while limiting human error, opening new design possibilities and reducing the need for additional machining processes.

The AgieCharmilles LASER S will be unveiled on February 27 in Asia, and will make its European and North American debuts in March.

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