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Visitors impressed by GF Machining Solutions’ show of strength at MACH 2018

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, 3- and 5-axis milling and laser texturing machine tool specialist and leading automation and tooling system supplier, showcased a range of its advanced technology solutions on its stand at MACH 2018.

The company exhibited five machines in total on its stand - all of them market-leaders in their own right with a number of them making their MACH debuts at the 2018 event.

In addition to the five ‘physical’ machines, the company also showcased a range of its new and, from the markets’ perspective, perhaps less well known technologies to visitors i.e. Micro-machining, Additive Manufacturing (AM) and dedicated 5-axis machines specifically aimed at manufacturers of turbine blades, impellers and blisks, via videos, digital presentations.

Says Martin Spencer, GF Machining Solutions UK’s managing director:

“We used MACH to promote the unrivalled breath and strength in depth of our machine tool technology portfolio and, just as importantly, to position ourselves as a proven and trusted advanced manufacturing solutions provider.

“Prior to the show we set ourselves some ambitious targets in terms of machine tool sales and enquiries and manufacturing project confirmations. Analysis of the figures reveals that we exceeded these targets by a factor of three.”

Specific highlights

With so much to see and take in on GF Machining Solutions’ stand it was difficult to identify specific technology highlights on view, however, according to Martin Spencer, “ there was significant interest, amongst all visitors, in our labour saving and process security innovations and technologies.”

From a wire EDM (WEDM) machine perspective visitors were impressed with the AgieCharmilles  CUT P 550’s ‘onboard’ automation and the way it improves machine tool utilisation and uptime as well as reducing operational and labour costs.

Specific highlights here included the machine’s new and innovative Automatic Slug Management (ASM) and Automatic Slug Removal capabilities.

Continuing with the theme of reducing costs it was not surprising that visitors were drawn to the AgieCharmilles FORM P 350 (die-sink) machine which was integrated with s System 3R WorkPartner 1+ automation system.

Specific highlights worthy of mention included:

  • the FORM P 350’s ability to machine perfectly repeatable micro cavities
  • the FORM P 350’s onboard iGAP technology and its ability to quickly and accurately machine deep rib cavities with a superior and homogenous surface finish
  • the FORM P 350’s 3DS technology and its impact on improving mould tool life and reducing maintenance costs and production downtime.

From a 5-axis milling perspective there was much to see and admire with the Mikron MILL P 500U and Mikron 200U LP having pride of place on GF Machining Solution’s stand.

Specific highlights included GF Machining Solutions’ Spindle Collision Protection technology which uses a mechanical system that enables the machine’s spindle to deflect slightly in X, Y and Z axes during a collision and employs a sensor system that detects any deflection and stops the machine before the spindle/spindle bearings are damaged.

Continues Martin Spencer:

“MACH 2018 was a great show for us. Visitor numbers were high and leads, enquiries and actual sales taken during the five days all exceeded our pre-Show targets.

“One thing that was really notable was that virtually all customers and visitors we interacted with were busy…had strong forward order books and were confident about the future.

“We are actively following up the leads and enquiries taken during MACH and I am confident that the level of interest amongst visitors will soon translate into actual sales in the not too distant future.”

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