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DoALL 450

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  • Reference number NL-SAW-DOA-1990-00001
    Manufacture Year 1990
    Operation Hours 4000
  • Metal working machine
  • Sawing, Filing and Cutting-off Machines
  • various Sawing, Filing and Cutting-off Machines
  • DoALL
  • Measurements width
    4100 mm
    Measurements depth
    2200 mm
    Measurements height
    2300 mm
    Machine weight
    4500 kg
    Workpiece drm
    450 drm
    450 mm
    Main electronic connection
    380 V
    2x Waterproof Conveyors ( 4000 mm long)
  • This DoALL 450 Sawing Machine was built in 1990 in United States. It has been working for 4000 hours and counts with a control unit of the same brand. This machine presents high height range, strong performance and double column, and it is in good conditions due to its little working hours.

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