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Trippstadter Str. 110
67663 Kaiserslautern

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Waldrich Siegen V/H-AR

Asking price

  • Reference number ES-MIL-WAL-1990-00001
    Manufacture Year 1990
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Milling machines
  • Vertical milling machines
  • Waldrich Siegen
  • NUM
  • Measurements width
    12500 mm
    Measurements depth
    6500 mm
    Measurements height
    7000 mm
    Spindle speed range
    2000 1/min
    Spindle motor power
    40 kW
    Tool taper
    ISO 50
    X-Axis Movement
    11753 mm
    X-Axis Feed Force
    40000 N
    X-Axis Rapid Traverse
    15000 mm/min
    Y-Axis Movement
    2800 mm
    Y-Axis Feed Force
    40000 N
    Y-Axis Rapid Traverse
    15000 mm/min
    Z-Axis Movement
    2500 mm
    Z-Axis Feed Force
    40000 N
    Workpiece weight
    100000 kg
    Max weight
    55 kg
    Max tool diameter
    155 mm
    Max tool length
    500 mm
  • This Waldrich Siegen V/H-AR Milling Machine of German manufacture dates from the year 1990, and is equipped with a NUM 760 Control unit. This machine stands out through its robustness and great working capacity: the V/H-AR is able to work on almost 12-meter-long pieces, and can support up to 100 tons on each of its tables, allowing a combined 200-ton load.

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