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Flow Mach3-3020b DWJ

Asking price

  • Reference number CZ-WAT-FLO-2013-00001
    Manufacture Year 2013
    Operation Hours 3500
  • Metal working machine
  • Sheet Metalforming machines
  • Water jet cutting systems
  • Flow
  • X-Axis Movement
    3000 mm
    Y-Axis Movement
    2000 mm
  • This Flow Mach3-3020b DWJ Waterjet Cutting Machine was made in the United States in the year 2013. It has a working history of approximatley 3500 production hours since then. It works with a pump drive power of 3800 bar, and a speed range up to 12,700 mm/min. This model can work with various materials including metals, plastics, and rubber. It includes an abrasive material tank with 500 kg capacity, laser pointer, and a FlowMaster SW license.

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