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Table Type Boring and Milling Machine KRAFT HBM-130 XL

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  • Reference number 1124-100417
    Manufacture Year 2020
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Borers
  • Borers (Table type)
  • :HBM-130XL
    spindle diameter:130 mm
    x-travel:2000 mm
    y-travel:1800 mm
    z-travel:(ohne Gegenhalter) 2000 mm
    U-axis:250 mm
    W-axis (spindle longitudinal):900 mm
    max. torque on the spindle:3136 Nm
    B-axis (table):360x1 °
    rapid speed:X/Y/Z/W: 2500 mm/min
    table load:10 t
    table-size:1800 x 1600 mm
    T-slots:11 Stk.
    T-slot - width:28 mm
    transmission ratio:4 Stk.
    spindle speed:4-800 1/min
    spindle taper:50 ISO
    faceplate:Drehmoment: 4900 Nm
    faceplate:2.5-125 1/min
    faceplate:Umdrehung stufenlos einstellbar
    faceplate:Ø:750 mm
    weight of the machine ca.:29300 kg
    main drive:15 kW
    Machine size (LxWxH):7030x4665x3800 mm
    2-Axis DRO :von NEWALL f. X- und Y-Achse

    Technical Offer of HBM-130
    ? Powerful servo spindle motor and four spindle speed rang, stepless in each range. much lower
    maintenance and 80% failure rate reduced
    ? High rigidity spindle could insure the strong machining
    ? Worktable 4x90° position by the collimator
    ? X,Y, Z, B axes DRO are available
    ? Spindle could choose ISO50, with automatic clamping

    1. Introduce
    The horizontal boring and milling machine series HBM-130 of our company is suitable for such operation as drilling, counter-boring, boring, reaming, spot-facing, tapping and milling etc. Also the horizontal boring and milling machine type is equipped with fixed facing head on which radial facing slide can be radically feed consequently to enable the machine to undertake boring of large-diameter hole, external cutting ,end face turning and recessing, etc.
    The machine is composed of bed, front column, headstock, cross and longitudinal saddle, worktable, back column and balance weight pulley etc. The vertical movement of headstock goes along the column's guideway, the worktable can move transversely and longitudinally on the bed, and the worktable can be rotated.

    The characteristics of HBM-130
    2.1 The big servo spindle 22KW motor supply continuously speed change and high torque output of
    Four speed range can be changed by the selector on the control panel.
    The infinit speed change in each range can be effected continuously and smoothly. It?s very simple and
    convenient for machine operation.
    Compare with old headstock structure, 24 steps speed changing by hydraulic, the failure rate will be reduced 80%.
    2.2 The vertical coordinate ( headstock lifting direction ) and cross coordinate ( worktable transverse movement ) and longitudinal coordinate ( worktable longitudinal movement--option ) are provided with new type digital read out unit with memory function, which makes the machine with complete function and high accuracy.
    2.3 Main parts of the machine such as bed, front column and guideways of longitudinal saddle are all hardened and ground, which bring high stiffness of the guideways and extend the using life of the machine.
    2.4 The horizontal guideway surface of the machine is provided with all pull-board type dust-proof.
    2.5 Electric-hydraulic interlocking device will be fixed between the moving units and when a moving unit is working, the other moving units will be clamped automatically (except spindle, radial facing slide).
    2.6 In the rapid traverse gearbox, safety clutches are installed to prevent the machine from overload.

    3. Transmission systems of the machine
    3.1 Headstock transmission
    The rotation movement of boring spindle are driven by CTB servo spindle motor directly. Insteady of old design, 24 steps spindle speed, the spindle servo motor supply two range speed. Low spindle speed with big torque output and high spindle speed with stable and continuously cutting forece.
    3.2 Feed motion
    The feed motion of all moving units of this machine is feeding per spindle revolution (e.g. traverse rate of spindle, headstock, table per spindle revolution).The power of various moving units comes from shaft driven by main driven motor. It can be transmitted through gears of speed-change device to shaft (the feed safety mechanism). After that the motion will be transmitted further through the forward and reverse mechanism, to the feed shaft, then to the lead-screw or gear racks of various moving units, enable the headstock, cross & longitudinal saddles to obtain each 18 steps feed rates at low and high gear respectively.
    The feed motion of the radial slide on the facing head comes from headstock, enable it to obtain various feed rates.
    3.3 Rapid transmission system
    The rapid moving of the headstock,cross & longitudinal saddles of the machine and the rapid rotation of the rotary worktable are driven by AC motor mounted at the right side of the bed. Power from the motor is transmitted from shafts coupling and friction clutch to each moving units respectively, enable the spindle, headstock and cross & longitudinal saddles to obtain the rapid moving speed 2500mm/min, the rapid rotation of the worktable is 1r/min.

    4. Hydraulic system of the machine
    The hydraulic system is located inside of longitudinal saddle of the machine, which is used for the transverse of headstock, longitudinal & cross movement, rotation of worktable, feed speed change and internal lubrication of headstock

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