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GMN expands range of sealed spindle ball bearings

GMN has expanded its range of sealed high precision spindle ball bearings by two, so that there are now three different designs to choose from. Besides the "KH" version for very high speeds, ball bearings of the proven “S” and “SM” designs are now also available with seals. The new variants have been designed specifically for applications that place high demands on speed and load capacity.

Sealed spindle ball bearings from GMN are less sensitive to contamination at the assembly site and during operation than models without a seal. Moreover, in the case of vertical or inclined mounting positions, no grease escapes from the bearings and so the possibility of grease drying due to ventilation or air currents is reduced.

Sealed spindle ball bearings offer a longer service life compared to unsealed designs due to the optimized “for-life” lubrication. Thanks to the non-contact sealing disks, there are no limitations on performance and speed suitability. Sealed versions are available for standard “S” and “SM” versions in the “619...” and “60...” series.

Three designs for a wide range of uses

Ball bearings of the “S” design are used as universal standard spindle bearings, for example in driven precision tools and in standard spindles for machine tools. They are characterized by large ball diameters, which ensure the highest load ratings combined with a high speed suitability and rigidity.

Thanks to a wide raceway curvature on the inner ring, the “SM” series with the same ball diameters and the same number of balls is suitable for higher speeds and high rigidity at slightly lower load ratings. These bearings are primarily used in high-speed spindles for grinding and milling machines, machining centres and in woodworking applications.

Versions of the “KH” design with medium ball diameters, which have been available with sealing washers for years, also offer a wide raceway curvature. They are suitable for very high speeds and are used in ultra-high-frequency spindles, high-speed processing machines and in woodworking applications.

A large selection of standard solutions and custom-made products

High-precision spindle ball bearings from GMN are optimized for high speeds, loads and rigidity and are characterized by a long service life and reliability. They can be configured in many ways, so that the right design exists for almost any requirement. They are available in various designs and series, with a number of types of cages. They are also available in different materials, as well as with balls made of 100Cr6 roller bearing steel or ceramics.

The product range includes high-precision spindle ball bearings with bore diameters ranging from 5 to 120 mm and a variety of nominal contact angles, accuracies and preloads. GMN manufactures all its ball bearings in Nuremberg. Only high-quality materials and substances are used in all the components and manufacturing processes. Special application-optimized, custom designs are also available on request in addition to standard solutions.

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