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GROB Systems 5-Axis Machining & Automation at IMTS S-8574

GROB Systems brings the G-Series universal machining centers to IMTS this September. Based on a proven horizontal machining center platform, these 5-axis machining centers are like no other. GROB machines are highly precise, remarkably low maintenance, and ideal for shops requiring ultimate precision and accuracy.

A unique retractable spindle and swivel-rotary table provide unmatched accessibility to the workpiece, even with long tools. Many manufacturers find the GROB design allows them to buy a machine with a smaller footprint than other brands, but the same workpiece capacity.

The highlight of this show is the next generation of universal machines, the G350 - Generation 2. The new model has significantly improved dynamics, faster tool changes, and expanded tool magazine capacity. By redesigning the tool magazine, the overall width has been reduced from 2,450 mm (96.5 in) to 2000 mm (79 inches) for a more compact footprint. The maximum part size is 600 mm in cylinder x 600 mm in height.

The mid-size G550T will be shown with the turning option for parts up to 900 mm in cylinder (Ø 35.4 in). The high-speed table rotates at 800 rpm while compensating for uneven loads. Maximum part height is 730 mm (28.7 in), and longest tool is 500 mm (19.6 in). All G-Series models feature the GROB-designed and built table with 225 degrees of rotation in the A axis, and continuous 360 degrees in B axis. It is possible to completely invert the table for upside-down machining while chips simply free-fall away from the part.

If you need high-volume or lights-out production, GROB provides a full range of automatic pallet-changers, automation systems, and expanded tool magazines. At IMTS 2016, GROB will show the new rotary pallet storage system (PSS-R), available in three sizes to accommodate five to 13 pallets (630 mm x 630 mm pallet size). The system is easily integrated and can be retrofitted to existing machines.

All GROB machines are MTConnect® compliant with an optional adapter.

A family-owned company, GROB Systems is among the world’s largest machine tool builders with a full range of production and universal machining centers manufactured in Bluffton, Ohio as well as Germany, Brazil and China. All replacement parts and factory service are available from the 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Ohio.

Learn more about the unique features and capabilities of GROB universal machining centers at IMTS Booth 8574, or visit www.grobgroup.com.

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