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Other assembling machines and equipment

GROB Assembly Concepts
GROB Assembly Concepts
Other assembling machines and equipment
Other assembling machines and equipment
GROB Assembly Concepts

A custom-made assembly concept

A standardized control and operation concept as well as a consistently identical structure to all the
stations are the basic requirements for a turnkey assembly line. This is the only way to handle the
great complexity of the assembly tasks for workpieces with their large number of type variants.

Modern assembly systems can only be adapted with great flexibility to suit ongoing changes to
workpieces if they possess clear systematics throughout the entire assembly line. The GROB assembly
concept supports all required customizations, from the fully automated line through to the
partially automated solution with integrated manual assembly stations. Right from the beginning
of the planning phase, digital planning and plant simulations guarantee that a smooth workflow is
implemented as quickly as possible and with optimum results.

Fully automated stations

• High output quantities
• Difficult tasks
• Automated workpiece Transport

Semi-automated stations

• Hazardous tasks (for example presses)
• High repeatability
• Avoidance of delays
• Quality consistency
• Manual or automated workpiece Transport

Manual stations

• Tasks which are difficult to automate
• Changing work contents and tasks
• Low costs and short service life with a high degree of flexibility
• Standby and repair station
• Manual or automated workpiece transport
  • GROB assembly line
  • GROB assembly line
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