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Hagen & Goebel Werkzeugmaschinen Products
Hagen & Goebel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Centering and end facing machines
Horizontal CNC - controlled flange and endmachining machine type FEB 3-150
je 150 mm
ca. 4 KW
Siemens 840 Dsl
Zentrierspannstöcke für Durchm. 12-100 mm
Vollstrahl Emulsion
siehe Prospekt
each 150mm
at about 4KW
Centric Vice for diameter 12-100mm

Round and profiled workpieces in any length

Machine constuction:
- machine body, heavy welding design)
- 1* horizontal CNC-controlled working unit with 3 axes (each stroke 150 mm)
- 1* CNC-spindle unit with spindle nose HSK-C size 63 and motor power 4,1KW (at 100% running time)
- workpiece table for H&G centrivc vices or customer specific fixtures
- 2* H&G centric vice type V2 with clamping area diameter 12-100 mm
- flow coolant system with chip pan and coolant tank
- CNC-controll Siemens type 802 Dsl or 840 Dsl
- complete hydraulic and electric equipment
- machine housing regarding regulations of UVV and CE

Options (for example):
- coolant through spindle (TSC or CTS)
- extended x-axis stroke of 300mm
- CNC control Heidenhain iTNC 530
- automatic tool changer with 3 places
- workpiece table with additional keyway size 18mm
- spindle unit equiped with pneumatic tool unclamp cylinder
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One side endmachining machine type E1S-...CNC
One side endmachining machine type E1S-...CNC
Centering and end facing machine
Hagen & Goebel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Centering and end facing machines
4KW (150CNC) / 7,5KW (200CNC) / 15KW (300CNC)
150 / 200 / 300 mm
Zentrierspannstöcke hydraulisch oder pneumatisch
60 Grad Schrägbett zum besseren Spänefluß
HSK-C für manuellen Werkzeugwechsel
Centric vice, hydraulic or pneumatic
60 dregree machine bed for better chip recovery
HSK-C for manual unclamp
Technical description
•Massive welded construction in 60 degrees slant bed - execution
•Spindle unit with HSK-C front clamping system and standard three-phase motor
•Massive feed unit designed to match the spindle unit
•Automatic central lubrication of the slide guide and the ball screw
•Full flow coolant system for external cooling with a flexible jet pipe
•Coolant tank with coolant pump and attached chip tray
•Massive mounting plate for clamping systems with T-slots
•Centering vice including the machine connection and the link to the machine control
•1 prism centering clamping jaw set with clamping range as desired (see table on page 3)
•Pneumatically or hydraulically extending and retracting length stop, designed to be slidable
•2 workpiece pre-supports, slidable and height adjustable
•Machine housing with manually operated sliding door
•CNC control with control panel and "touchscreen"
•Fully equipped control cabinet with NC motor modules for the feed drive and the main spindle motor
•Documentation including wiring diagram and data backup on CD-Rom in German language
•Machine available in right or left version (Standard is spindle on left side)
•many other options possible (please ask us)
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