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Reichenbacher Hamuel

CNC-technology at its best


Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH
Rosenauer Str. 32
96487 Dörfles-Esbach
(+49 9561) 5 99-0
(+49 9561) 5 99-1 99

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Service Spectrum: Represented in 6 categories

Machine tools
Milling machines
High speed milling machines (HSC)
Portal milling machines
Other milling machines
Machining centres
Horizontal machining centres
Turning and milling centres
Parts and components
Mechanical components
Beds and parts of machines in polymer concrete

About us

Reichenbacher Hamuel | HAMUEL Maschinenbau

Regarding its own area of expertise, each of the following subsidiaries within the SCHERDELGroup of Companies holds its acknowledged status in the market for machinery.

Their great innovativeness has gained Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of first-class CNC-machining centres. In Dörfles-Esbach near Coburg they develop and manufacture 5-axes-lines with highest safety standards for the use in aircraft, automobile, ship and rail vehicle construction, as well as in the woodworking industry or at the manufacturers of components from plastics or composites. Under the aspect of finding the “best-fit-solution” for their customer, all these lines are bringing processes, such as milling, drilling and sawing, to perfection. Based on a modular system, these machines are perfectly matched with the requirements of their customers and convince by remarkable details, great ease of operation and impressive results.

The specialist for high-speed cutting technology (HSC) is HAMUEL Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG. In Meeder optimised CNC-machining centres are manufactured, which are used for the processing of components from steel, cast materials, titanium, Inconel, light metals and composites, always bearing in mind sustainability, energy- and cost efficiency. Convinced customers are from the aerospace technology, the automotive industry, from model and mould making and from other industrial sectors. Owing to their excellent vibration-damping, the machine components from mineral cast are trendsetting and entail an increase in productivity. HAMUEL is your sole counterpart for all steps from the development of the components, via the design and manufacture of the moulds, to the actual casting process and the subsequent finishing.

The manufacture of demanding sheet-metal, bent and welded parts by the processing of structural steel, stainless steel and aluminium is the area of expertise of HAMUEL Maschinenbau Plauen GmbH & Co. KG operating out of the Saxon city of Plauen. Their excellence in metal processing has firmly established them in the market. Not only have these specialists been certified with the internationally supreme standard DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 regulating the quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials, but they have also been approved as an expert company per WHG. However, the latest technologies are not only applied for manufacturing welded assemblies, but also in laser cutting and sheet-metal processing, in flame cutting and for the finishing of components by blasting, priming or stress-relief heat treatment.
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