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The Science of Marking

Fiber Laser Marking Machine For PVC ID Card Coding and Engraving

2017-07-19 16:11 | 58 calls
High Quality Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine

Laser engraving machine. laser marking machine for stainless steel color marking,China fiber laser engraving/laser marking machine supplier: metal laser engraver, stainless steel laser engraving. If any interest, search http://www.heatsign.com

Laser engraving marking machine can create permanent characters and graphic on plastic such PVC cards,no need consumption material like ink,clean and fast. The Laser coding system can mark Text, English letters,QR/2D code, Bar code, Serial number,graphic and logo on metal and plastic parts and tools.

If you are interested in our laser machines, welcome to contact us for prices, videos, specifications.

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