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ifm group of companies
Laser tool fracture monitoring

Photoelectric fork sensors / angle sensors

- Quick set-up: no need to align transmitter and receiver
- Fine and precise light beam across the whole fork width
- Metal housing reduces distortion
- Light-on/dark-on mode selectable via rotary switch
- Easy sensitivity setting via potentiometer

Photoelectric fork and angle sensors are used for the detection of very small objects and for counting tasks in feeding, assembly and handling applications. Further application examples are belt edge and guide monitoring. The sensors are distinguished by a high switching frequency and a particularly fine and precise light beam. This allows for the reliable detection of very fast processes.

Made from distortion-resistant diecast zinc, the housing ensures long-term stability of the optical axis. No time-consuming adjustment is required because transmitter and receiver are already aligned towards each other.

The sensitivity can be set intuitively via potentiometer. Light-on / dark-on mode is selected via rotary switch.
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