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IO-Link Makes Factories Smarter

2016-06-30 16:21 | 53 calls
IO-Link makes the Industrial Internet of Things and Factory 4.0 a reality. It provides a pure, noise-immune digital signal and allows you to parameterize new sensors automatically, making them truly plug-and-play. Recipe changes can be executed on-the-fly from a remote location with the push of a button. Sensor health can be monitored remotely as well, minimizing downtime and isolating issues.

Ever have an employee program a sensor incorrectly, or accidentally cut a wire and throw a process into chaos? Not possible with IO-Link, as you control sensor settings directly from the PLC, and an alarm is triggered if a wire is cut. On top of all that, it's not a fieldbus-dependent system, so IO-Link can be added to most existing controls architectures with minimal effort.

Product Innovations

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