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2023-08-18 INDEX at EMO 2023: Economic solutions for successful machining

INDEX at EMO 2023: Economic solutions for successful machining
The INDEX booth (Hall 17, D03) is a cornucopia of innovation and information that no machinist should miss. Focusing on a wide range of solutions, visitors will be able to see live a manufacturing system that turns and mills complex components—fully automated with a wide range of tools for the milling spindle and including a quality assurance closed loop process. Go to press info

2020-09-23 Consistently efficient

Consistently efficient
The INDEX portfolio for 2020 points the way forward for many production companies: state-of-the-art machine developments, efficient automation solutions, and a constantly evolving digital “iXworld”. This is the future of the metalworking industry. Go to press info

2018-09-28 INDEX receives “MM-Innovations-Award 2018”

INDEX receives “MM-Innovations-Award 2018”
During AMB, which took place in Stuttgart from September 18th – 22nd, 2018, INDEX received the MM Award for the innovations found in its new MS22-L multi-spindle automatic lathe. Presented by the industrial magazine MM Machine Market during the first day of the exhibition, this award honors excellent innovations in the areas of metal machining and supporting technologies. Go to press info

2018-09-19 Brave new INDEX world

Brave new INDEX world
INDEX will present the first apps of its iXworld cloud-based platform at AMB 2018. Designed to profitably support the user in many areas, the new apps will be accessible through the iXplore, iXshop, iXservices and iX4.0 modules. Using these, the user can call up digital support for the entire process chain, from gathering information during the purchasing process to operating the machine to service. Go to press info

2018-02-23 INDEX-group – Founding member of Worldwide user organization for IoT platform “MindSphere”

INDEX-group – Founding member of Worldwide user organization for IoT platform “MindSphere”
Working hand in hand with 18 partner companies, Siemens AG is founding "MindSphere World", a worldwide user organization for the cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere. Its aim is to expand the global reach of the ecosystem based on MindSphere. Go to press info

2017-08-23 EMO excitement at INDEX

EMO excitement at INDEX
INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG will exhibit at the EMO 2017 in Hanover a cross-section of innovative turning technology, complete machining, and automation as well as digitization. A total of 14 Index and TRAUB machines will demonstrate their performance in Hall 17, Booth D03 from September 18 to 23, 2017. Some of them can be seen for the first time worldwide at a trade fair. Go to press info

2017-06-08 TRAUB TNL20 - Productive and precise

TRAUB TNL20 - Productive and precise
The sliding/fixed headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL20 is a new development on the basis of the established TNL series that retains existing strengths and adds numerous improvements in productivity, precision, and automation. It is highly dynamic and – at its maximum equipment level – can use up to four tools simultaneously. Go to press info

2016-04-08 Making good things even better

Making good things even better
The INDEX CNC lathe ABC is a synonym for modern automatic turning with high productivity and precision, because more than 3000 of these machines have already been sold worldwide. So the pending revision of the INDEX ABC had very specific goals. The result is an ABC that retains the essential features of its predecessor but is significantly more productive with performance-enhancing modifications – Go to press info

2016-04-01 TRAUB CNC sliding headstock automatic TNL12

TRAUB CNC sliding headstock automatic TNL12
The CNC sliding headstock automatic lathe TNL12 equipped with the new TRAUB TX8i-s control – a production tool in a modular design that ideally and consistently adapts to efficient production of small, high-precision turned parts up to 13 mm in diameter. Workpiece complexity is decisive for the configuration of the machine, for which up to 9 linear axis are available. Go to press info

2016-03-31 Innovative Rear End Machining

Innovative Rear End Machining
With many new and improved functions, the front-opening six-spindle lathe with up to twelve cross-slides in the work area is also setting standards in rear end machining. Its innovative features include the liquid-cooled spindle drum as well as the cross-slides with hydrostatic bearing support and directly integrated motor. Go to press info

2014-09-15 The new G-Generation. Turn-Mill Center INDEX G220

The new G-Generation. Turn-Mill Center INDEX G220
The generous work area of the G220 forms the basis for equal implementation of milling and turning in one machine design. The configuration of the machine is designed to provide a maximum of flexibility independent of the primary use of the machine ... Go to press info

2014-08-28 Join INDEX TRAUB at IMTS in Chicago in September

Join INDEX TRAUB at IMTS in Chicago in September
Meet us at IMTS in Chicago from September 8-13, 2014 at Booth S-8136 and discover the world of turning of INDEX & TRAUB! Take a look and explore 9 high precision turning machines including the brand new turn-mill center INDEX G220, that will be presented for the first time live in action in the United States. Thanks to a motorized milling spindle capable of five-axis milling and... Go to press info

2014-08-22 TRAUB Automatic Turning – Quick, accurate & efficient

TRAUB Automatic Turning – Quick, accurate & efficient
CNC automatic lathe TNK42 with new Design: Only 5.5 sqm footprint but with 3 subsystems, 2 interpolated Y-axes and 27 tool stations. The TNK42 offers the economic approach to the production of complex machine-turned parts of today and tomorrow... Go to press info

2014-07-25 Automatic turning to perfection

Automatic turning to perfection
Developed for high productivity and precision, the newly developed CNC automatic lathe INDEX ABC65, successor to the successful INDEX ABC series... Go to press info

2014-05-09 100 years of INDEX

100 years of INDEX
In 2014, INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG in Esslingen can look back over its 100-year company history. The company founded in 1914 by Hermann Hahn today is one of the world’s technological leaders in turning in the machine tool industry and produces CNC-controlled automatic lathes, multi-spindle turning machines, turn-mill centers as well as universal and vertical turning machines. Go to press info

2013-08-01 Even more efficient with 8 spindles - MS22C-8

Even more efficient with 8 spindles - MS22C-8
The Esslingen multi-spindle specialists supplement the MS22C series by an 8-spindle CNC Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe INDEX MS22C-8. The modular eight-spindle machine built on the multi-spindle modular system can also efficiently machine highly complex workpieces that would have driven the previous multi-spindle lathes normally equipped with six spindles to their limits. Go to press info

2013-05-23 One Turret, Two Drives – Zero Time Loss

One Turret, Two Drives – Zero Time Loss
The newly introduced sliding headstock automatic lathe TRAUB TNL32 has been extended by another variant. In this design the counter spindle is mounted on a separate cross-slide with X- and Z-axes... Go to press info