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INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky
Robot controllers

iXcenter integriert

> With the optional iXcenter robotic cell, raw and/or finished parts can be fed and discharged quickly, safely and flexibly.
The robotic cell is ergonomically docked to the machine. It can simply be moved to the right during the setup process, thus allowing unhindered access to the work area. In production operation, the iXcenter is fixed in front of the machine work area. The robot accesses the work area via the sliding hood of the machine, which opens automatically behind the robot cell.

->Automation for a TRAUB TNL20

> Vertical storage with up to 14 pallets (400 x 300) of work stock
> Pallets with unfinished parts are loaded at the top, pallets with finished parts are removed at the bottom - at any time without interrupting production
> No separate installation and commissioning required
Minimum pallet height 25.4 mm
> Simple, in-plant relocation
> Integration of downstream processes such as cleaning, measuring, deburring, inspection, etc.
Preparation for integration of a fully automatic 3D measuring cell is already included in the standard package
> Closed-loop process control is possible
> SPC parts output and NIO parts output is provided for

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iXcenter modular
iXcenter modular
Robot controller
INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky
Robot controllers
iXcenter modular
> With the iXcenter robotic cell, unmachined and finished parts can be fed and removed quickly, safely and flexibly.
The overall sequence between the machine and the robot cell is created using predefined macros in the NC sequence program. The robot accesses the working area of the machine via the sliding door, which opens and closes automatically. The iXcenter has a modular design and allows you to integrate different processes economically. Thanks to the accessibility of spindles, tool carriers and the tool magazine, you are optimally prepared for setting up the machine with the iXcenter.

->Your advantages

>Automatic and ergonomic workpiece infeed and outfeed
> Modular and flexibly expandable basic cell
> Continuous operation with low manpower possible
> Door concept for optimum access and insight into the machine
> Compact design
> Modern INDEX machine design
> Complete system from a single source

->Technical data

> Robot payload: 165 kg - higher weights possible in special cases
> Optional up to 270 kg payload
> Robot reach approx. 2660 mm
> Robot cell self-contained
> Basic cell as complete delivery unit due to load-bearing base unit - modules supplied separately
> KSS return to the machine - walk-on floor with grating
> 6-axis robot with payload up to 270 kg
> Double gripper in flange or shaft design
> Optional: Automatic gripper change incl. gripper memory

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Robot controller
INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky
Robot controllers
iXpanel - The cockpit for easy integration of the machine into your company organization.

Focus on production and control - Industry 4.0 included.
-> The iXpanel operating concept opens the door to networked production. With iXpanel, all relevant information for economical production is available to the employee directly at the machine at any time. iXpanel is already included as standard and can be individually expanded.

-> You can use iXpanel in the way you need it tailored to your company organization - in other words, Industry 4.0 made to measure. Future-proof. The Siemens S840D sl, FANUC 31iB and TRAUB TX8i-s V8 controllers optimally integrate the iXpanel functionalities. iXpanel can be operated intuitively via a touch monitor.

-> Intelligent
Overload and collision monitoring with electronic fast retraction

> Active on all INDEX and TRAUB machines
> Minimization of machine damage
> Active counter-control in the event of a malfunction
> Response time in the ms range thanks to intelligent servo amplifier

-> Productive
Clear user interface with dialog technology for programming, editing, setup and operation

> Online retrieval of production and setup information; remote access via VNC
> Graphically supported dialog guidance also during setup
> Convenient process synchronization and optimization of the program flow of parallel machining operations
> Visual control for avoiding collision situations through graphical process simulation
> Highly sensitive tool breakage monitoring

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