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Innovalia Metrology News

Innovalia Group convention in Zamudio

The Innovalia Group, a strategic alliance of Basque technology-based companies, held its convention on Friday July 5th.

To open this XVII edition of the Convention, the day counted with a contribution from Jesús de la Maza, president of the Innovalia Group, to start with the interventions of the rest of the Group’s representatives. The event also had a guest of honor, Estanislao Manuel Fernandez, R&D Manager at Telefónica, who shared with all attendees the keys and future challenges of Innovation and the development of the sector.

Thanks to the digital nature of the Innovalia Group and the companies that are part of it, during the last convention, a new business proposal was born: Innovalia Digital was born as a unique way to take advantage of the synergies, know-how and digital technology of the Group to export it and actively support the digital transformation of companies in the Basque Country.

This new strategic unit within the Group is formed of several companies (CARSA, CBT, RedBorder, SQS, Technarte and Innovalia Association) that have been an example of transformation in their fields and that now decide to join, maximize their potential and reach out to the companies of the Basque Country so that they embark on their path towards digital transformation and do not fight against change, but lead it. From the design of its digital strategy to the implementation of technology, Innovalia Digital, thanks to the Group’s extensive experience, has begun to have an active presence in the Basque Industry.

During this day Jesús de la Maza highlighted “We have always worked to create a unique synergy between the companies that are part of the Group and the success of this synergy is what allows us to adapt, learn, share know-how, technology and talent also with other companies in the sector, these collaborations are key when it comes to growth, not only in technology, but also in internationalization.

In addition, the main representatives of the companies that form the Innovalia Group: Asociación InnovaliaCARSARedBorderSQSCBT, Innovalia Metrology, 3DKumo and Technarte shared common developments of the last year, goals and future challenges.

With an international innovation unit within the Innovalia Group, the Basque group is actively involved in training the future professionals through innovation in Masters, private and public courses, and the group is part of the main Innovation projects that are developed at the international level. European Union and that are already assuming important steps towards the future of the Industry. Thanks to the Advanced Metrology Laboratory at the AIC of Boroa, this year has been established in the Basque Country one of the main and first Digital Innovation Hubs, centers specializing in specific solutions, in this case quality management and metrology.

The Group’s efforts are real, we want to continue innovating and reaching out to SMEs and professionals to join in the path towards smart manufacturing” commented Oscar Lázaro, during the presentation of Innovalia Association.

The Innovalia Group gathered on this day the main actors and representatives of the Basque Country and national industry to make them part of the path towards the digitalization of the Industry. The day ended with a meal at the Urgoiti Palace where all the attendees continued to share projects and ideas in a more relaxed environment.

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