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Innovalia Metrology News

Innovalia Metrology presents M3 Hybrid at the Control-Stom in Poland on March 28, 29 and 30

Innovalia Metrology joined the 23rd edition of the Industrial Measurement Technology Fair to present M3 Hybrid  at the F-45 stand, one of the metrology solutions that deserves the 4.0 label and is contributing in a crucial way to discover the importance of metrology on the path to Industry 4.0

Poland has been part of the brand’s international network for years. Year after year, Innovalia Metrology reinforces its role in the development of the country’s industry, which now represents 28.1% of the GDP. Both Poland and Germany represent, apart from Spain, the main European engines for Innovalia Metrology and made the jump to markets such as Shanghai or Beijing possible.

In this 23rd edition of the Control-Stom, and among more than 74 exhibitors, Innovalia Metrology has let visitors know the details of how M3 Hybrid simplifies the process of point acquisition and measurement by combining two methods of capture: 3D contactless scanner thanks to Optiscan and probe system, perfectly combined in the same workflow.

With an average of 10,000 visitors per day to the fair, Innovalia Metrology has also exhibit, M3 Software , a multisensor dimensional metrology software designed to work both in plant and laboratory.

During these three days of networking, Innovalia Metrology has welcomed its visitors with a M3 Software demo in real time and has unveiled the many advantages of digitizing parts.

The position of Innovalia Metrology as a main driver of quality and innovation, extends every year to more countries and lets us see a promising future for the brand.

Don’t miss out this M3 Software application for stamping!

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