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isy3DScan | Precise 3D-colour scanning in seconds!

May 2013
Author: iselgermany
Company: isel Germany AG
isy3DScan | Precise 3D-colour scanning in seconds!

ISY 3D SCAN offers a professional start in the digitization of objects and surface structures.

This product is the answer of the isel group to the many requests from various sectors for an affordable system for 3D digitization.

ISY 3D SCAN enables a precise 3D-scanning in seconds in color and texture. The scanning process in purely visual with the help of innovative structured light technology (without laser) and is therefore also well suited for scanning of people.

The scanner is very space-saving and can be easily placed on a desktop. The used profile stand allows scanning from different heights, to detect in detail. To facilitate the scanning process an optional rotary plate as welll as a controllable rotation axis to automatically scan are available.

After calabrating the system to the desired object size and accuracy, the scan results are available in a few seconds ago in STL, OBJ or PLY format.

Then this data can be converted and processed in our ISY CAD/CAM softare to milling datas for isel machines. Of course there are many other applications feasible, here the imagination has no limits. We are convinced, that the 3D world everywhere will find their way. 

Product brochurer as PDF file  (approx. 2 MB)

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