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Software for CNC controls
remoteNC - universelles Steuerungsprogramm
- runs under Windows operating systems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8, Win10 (administrator rights required))
- is compatible with earlier program versions
- Processing of the file formats DIN 66025 (G-Code), NCP or CNC
- is available in several languages (German, English, French, Hungarian)

remoteNC is a universal control program for the output of files in the machining processes milling, drilling, gluing, engraving, applying as well as water jet cutting or laser cutting/welding.

Supported file formats are the isel-specific NCP format (ASCII file with machining data created by a CAM postprocessor), the isel-specific CNC format (ASCII files in an extended format for universal use in the field of process automation, created by ProNC) as well as the G-Code format according to DIN 66025. remoteNC is primarily used to control CNC machines for various tasks and machining operations, for this reason flexibility is a main feature of the program. A wide range of options allows easy adaptation to the respective requirements.

scope of functions

Support of digital joysticks
Control panel "File quick selection" for series production
Utility milling / multiple output with displacements
Graphical representation of the machining file with zero point and dimensions

File formats isel-NCP, DIN66025 / G-Code

Linear and circular interpolation, helical interpolation, drilling cycles
Access to digital and analog inputs and outputs
when using a CAN control: input/output "On-The-Fly" (without motion stop) for dosing applications
Message window, messages in the status line, time delay, input of variable values
Definition and use of machine positions (workpiece zero point, parking position, home position, ...)

Additional functions for file format isel-CNC (ProNC output format)

Repeat loops, counting loops,
Arithmetic and trigonometric functions
Subroutine technology
Integral, real and string variables
Loading and saving of process variables
Access to user-specific extensions, possibility of calling user software


compatible with earlier program versions
Processing of the file formats DIN66025(G-Code), NCP or CNC
immediate processing without conversion, translation or transformation of the file
integrated text editor with numerous functions for quick corrections to the existing NC program
Use of up to 6 interpolating axes (Cartesian coordinate system and 3 auxiliary axes)
Look-ahead path processing with CAN control
Management of a milling spindle
2 I/O units can be used (max. 64 inputs, 64 outputs)

Translated with DeepL
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