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Japan Cutting


Japan Cutting and Wear-Resistant Tool Association
Chiyoda-ku Kanda-sudacho 2-25 GYB Akihabara 12F
101-0041 Tokyo

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Route planner

About us

(1) Implementing and developing promotion of the tool industry for machines
(2) Researching production, shipment, and import/export
(3) Pursuing technologies, development, safety, and standardization
(4) Addressing environmental issues
(5) Researching recruiting and personnel training and presenting awards for technology development, environmental conservation, and contribution to the industry
(6) Securing raw materials and studying resource saving measures
(7) Facilitating domestic/international exchanges in related industries
(8) Researching and implementing trade promotion
(9) Communicating and cooperating with concerned authorities and organizations and offering recommendations to them
(10) Other activities necessary to achieve missions of the JTA