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Indexable inserts for milling

Jongen UNI-MILL Wendeplatten der Typen FP 208/908, FP 210/910, FP 212/912 und FP 216/916

Jongen introduces four new types of turning plates for the series 508/510/512/516 copy milling cutters established for many years on the market.

The range of tools for tool and mould making gets eight new indexable inserts types that are concerning geometries and cutting materials on the latest state of the art.

The models of the series FP 2. are ground on the perimeter and designed with a high positive chip geometry for machining of all difficult to machine materials.
The tungsten carbide quality used for this type of turn plates is XC35 (M20-M30). It consists of a tough and wear resistant Micrograin carbide with a power nitride coating. XC35 is suitable for the machining of stainless steels, high-alloyed materials, but also Titan, etc.

The type FP 9. is präzisionsgesintert with a geometry optimized for rough machining. There are different carbide grades available for this type:
-The variety HC45 (P30 P35), consisting of a very tough grain carbide with power nitride coating is suitable for all common steels.
-The variety HC30 (M25-M30) consists of a very wear-resistant and tough Micrograin carbide and a power nitride coating. This variety is particularly suitable for stainless steels and high alloyed materials.
-The variety HC20 (K15-K20) combines a very wear-resistant grain carbide with a power nitride coating. This grade is designed for cast materials.

All varieties are designed for medium to high cutting speeds and toothed and can be used both for the wet processing and dry.
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