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Kemmerich Werkzeugmaschinen


Kemmerich Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Im Rottfeld 1a
40789 Monheim am Rhein
+49 2173 207474
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TTM-Laser Bystronic FL 800 3D

Asking price

  • Reference number 1020-16930
    Manufacture Year 2018
    Operation Hours not applicable
  • Metal working machine
  • Bend-, straight- and reducing for pipes bars profiles
  • Tube Cut-off machines
  • TTM-Laser Bystronic
  • TTMotion
  • tube diameter max.
    850 mm
    tube diameter min.
    150 mm
    Tube length
    3000 - 16000 mm
    workpiece weight
    350 kg/m
    2000 mm
    1900 mm
    1250 mm
    +/- 95 °
    rapid travel (x and z-axis)
    45.000 mm/min
    rotation speed: 50 U/min
    material dimension - square
    550 x 550 mm
    laser strength
    4 kW
    controlled axis
    total power requirement
    weight of the machine ca.
    170 t
    dimensions of the machine ca.
  • FL800 3D can machine tubes and profiles of different shapes and material and it
    is designed to be fast,user-friendly, safe, reliable and flexible.
    The machine employs LASER technology (Light Amplification by Stimulated
    Emission of Radiation) and processes round tubes ranging from 150 to 815 mm and
    squared tubes up to550x550mm with a 5-axis cutting system.
    FL800 3D can load tubes up to 16 meters and it is equipped with a 4-mandrels
    system which allows a considerable increase of the productivity and of handling
    accuracy. Excellent performance in terms of acceleration and speed, thanks to
    the use of brushless motors on the X,Y, Z axes of the 3D cutting head as well
    as the high precision in the wholeworking field are granted.
    The designing of the whole system is carried out with the FEM (Finite Elements
    Method) structural calculation programs, which enables the dimensional
    characterization of the structures and the optimisation of strain and
    deformation related to the applied stress.
    For Carbon Steel and stainless Steel
    - Numeric Control: TTMotion
    - automatic loading system through gantry for tubes with
    length up to 14.000 m;
    - 4 self-centring mobile mandrels (the 4MMS) provided with
    FMS (Floating Mandrel System) for compensation of tube bending
    and TCS (Torsion Compensation System) for compensation of
    - cutting unit with 5 controlled axis;
    - 1 3D cutting head with 7.5" focusing lenses ;
    - 1 automatic tube length measurement;
    - Optoelectronic contact-free measuring system for the tube
    section orientation and the mandrel angular phasing;
    - Control measuring system with Renishaw device;
    - 1 laser resonator C4000i-C, 4 kW, complete with chiller;
    - 1 pressurised optical chain;
    - 1 automatic unloading system through gantry for tubes up to
    14.000 mm;
    - 1 fume extraction system and filtration (including filter);
    - Scrap discharge system on belt conveyor;
    - Software CAD/CAM act/tubes with tube designer for 3D Piece
    Modelling and act/cut 3Dfor machine programming;
    - Pipe Nester: automatic 3D nesting module;
    - IGES/STEP interface;
    - ACT/SIGN module
    - Teleservice and telediagnostic software and installation;
    - Maintenance for the installed Software during warranty included;
    - Software phone assistance during warranty included;
    - Preliminary acceptance at TTM Laser’s;
    - Final acceptance cutting tests at the Customer’s;
    - 1 use and maintenance manual (CD);
    - CE marking (English);

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