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Guryong-ro 4nam-gil, Uiryeong-eup 25
52153 Uiryeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
South Korea
0082 (0)55/570-8500

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Additive Manufacturing
Machines and systems for additive manufacturing
Other systems for additive manufacturing
Services for additive manufacturing
Consultants for additive processes
Design development for additive processes

About us

KOS has secured the best quality competitiveness in the world based on the more than 30 years of STAINLESS STEEL WIRE production knowledge. We are also striving to increase the profitability of our customers by providing various product technical information that is applied directly to customers' production sites in a timely manner. While competent KOSMAN from South Korea and 10 overseas branches located in 8 countries solve customer’s problems quickly, the increase in short-term delivery service through the expansion of local plants in the US and Europe will lead to cost reduction of customers, thereby enhancing customer competitiveness and sustaining growth.

We appreciate that the PV RIBBON for solar cell modules developed as new products have been highly praised by domestic and overseas leading solar module companies. We also promise to successfully complete on going 3 national projects for development of next generation PV RIBBONS. In addition, KOS will be loved by customers more than ever with the High Tech STAINLESS WIRE developed for energy, medical equipment and aircraft applications.