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KUKA Roboter


KUKA Roboter GmbH
Zugspitzstr. 140
86165 Augsburg
(+49 821) 7 97-40 00
(+49 821) 7 97-40 40

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Route planner
Machine tools
Milling machines
Flexible manufacturing cells and systems
Industrial machines & equipments
Welding machines
Robotic and automation 10
Workpiece and tool handling 1
Automation for storage and transportation
Assembly and handling
Industrial robots 9
Composite Technology
Machines for composites processing/machining (Composite)
Precision tools for composites (Composite)
Handling technology (Composite)
Measurement and test systems (Composite)
Software for the design of components (Composite)
Software for production (Composite)


  • A peek over the shoulders of KUKA developers
    09.06.2015 10:12
    At KUKA’s exhibit at the ICRA, visitors have been explicitly encouraged to touch the KUKA Leichtbauroboters LBR iiwa. In addition to providing the possibility of guiding the ...
  • The duel goes into the next round
    12.03.2015 12:04
    The small robot was forced to cede victory at the table to the German table tennis star. Now the KUKA KR AGILUS is challenging Timo Boll to a rematch in a new promotional film. ...
  • “Hello Industrie 4.0”
    26.02.2015 11:38
    KUKA shows the orange factory of the future at this year’s Hanover Fair. At the KUKA booth, the visitors of this year’s Hanover Fair can deal with the increasing digitalization ...
  • Innovations, contacts and an award
    10.06.2013 12:01
    The tagline at KUKA AG's exhibit was "Integrated Automation". The Group's spectacular booth concept captivated thousands of visitors...

About us

The KUKA Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of robots and automated production systems and solutions. KUKA’s customers are predominantly from the automotive industry and increasingly from other branches outside the automotive industry (General Industry). Robotics is one of the three market leaders in the field of industrial robotics in the automotive industry worldwide and number one in Europe. In Europe and North America, Systems is one of the two leading suppliers of automation solutions for the automotive industry. The KUKA Group is applying the expertise it has acquired over more than 30 years in the automotive industry to develop innovative automation solutions for other branches of industry, for example medical technology, the solar industry and the aerospace industry. Consolidated sales revenue for 2010 totaled around €1.1 billion.
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