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Licon mt


Licon mt GmbH & Co. KG
Im Rißtal 1
88471 Laupheim
+49 7392 962-0
+49 7392 962-257

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About us

Mechanical intelligence. Human knowledge.
Licon mt is a highly regarded supplier of production line systems for the processing of complex components. Our customers are well-known automotive manufacturers and sub-suppliers in America, Asia and Europe.

In addition to machine product development, our expertise extends to manufacturing the core components of our machines as well as system integration and software development.

Research and development
Our product innovations are based on established engineering and manufacturing methods that have proved to be successful over the years. The modular LiFLEX® machine platform, for example, has a well-founded position in the market and creates new opportunities which we are able to capitalize.

Corporate structure
Licon mt has approximately 200 employees at its headquarters in Laupheim, Germany, within the following departments:

Technology: product development, project engineering, PLC and network computer programming
Production: machining, mechanical assembly, sheetmetal work, electric cabinet wiring, electrical assembly and service
Materials management and purchasing
Sales, order processing and project management

Licon mt continuously trains approximately 30 apprentices as mechanical technicians and electronic technicians. Together with a co-operative education institution, Licon offers practical courses and we also collaborates with other universities to provide supervision for final year projects.

In addition Licon mt has subsidiaries in Dexter (Michigan, USA) and Beijing (People's Republic of China).
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