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Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH
Kaufbeurer Straße 141
87437 Kempten
+49 831 786-0
+49 831 786-1279

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Route planner
Machine tools 94
Precision tools & clamping technology 12
Software and Hardware 1
Robotic and automation 48
Metrology & quality assurance 7


  • “Random bin picking” – a success story
    20.09.2022 02:16
    - 10 years of bin picking at Liebherr In bin picking – also known as “random bin picking” – a robot removes unsorted parts from a container and feeds them for further ...
  • Gear solutions for e-mobility
    06.09.2022 12:00
    New drive technologies in electric mobility are changing the requirements for gears and therefore also for of the quality of the tooth flank surfaces. Manufacturers of gears ...
  • Liebherr automates the assembly of pluggable module connectors
    24.08.2022 07:36
    Plug connections for electrical contacting of modules in the battery pack offer several advantages. However, until now it was only possible to assemble them manually – an ...
  • CNC chamfering with ChamferCut or Flex Chamfer
    09.08.2022 01:00
    Chamfering gears prevents the edges of the teeth from becoming brittle during heat treatment and reduces transportation and installation damage. Multiple processes can be chosen ...
  • Bin picking made easy
    26.07.2022 01:00
    “Bin picking” is among the most difficult disciplines in automation. Adjusting the parameters for reliable recognition and gripping of complex objects is demanding and requires ...

About us

Liebherr develops and produces high quality gear cutting machines, gear cutting tools and automation systems. The innovative products are distinguished by their high precision, availability and user-friendliness. Furthermore, customers around the world value the outstanding energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the machines and systems.
Ger Cutting Machines
The gear cutting machine program comprises gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines as well as gear profile and grinding machines for soft and hard machining of cylindrical teeth and splines up to a workpiece diameter of 16,000mm.

The Liebherr gear measuring devices are focused on ergonomics and usability, precision, robustness, durability and serviceability. The measuring machines and the corresponding software are used in various sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, and general mechanical engineering.
Automation Systems
The area of automation systems has established itself on a global scale as a specialist for automation solutions. In this sector, Liebherr develops and produces systems for the automation of machine tools as well as innovative solutions for automated production and fabrication.
Gear Cutting Tools
Liebherr offers an extensive range of gear cutting tools for soft as well as hard machining in the area of gear wheel and spline production. Innovative developments and long service life distinguish the company division as a reliable partner
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Liebherr Rotary Loading System
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Liebherr – Robotic cell – Automated gear wheel manufacturing
Liebherr - Robot Cell (LRC): Bin Picking with new Vision System
Liebherr - Shaping of an external and internal spline on the Liebherr LSE 200
Liebherr - Shaping of an external and internal spline on the LFS 300
Liebherr - Internal Gear Shaping 50° helix angle on the LSE 200
Liebherr - Gear Hobbing of a worm wheel on the LC 100
Liebherr - Profile milling on the Gear Hobbing Machine LC 380
Liebherr - Gear Hobbing Machine LC 380-500
Liebherr - Gear Hobbing Machine LC 280 α
Liebherr - Chamfering of module 4.5 mm on LD 280 C
Liebherr - Chamfering of planetary gear on LD 280 C
Liebherr - Gear manufacturing in Aerospace
Liebherr - Generating grinding on LGG 500
Liebherr - Connect your manufacturing landscape: LHOpenConnect
Liebherr - Gear Skiving Machine LK 300/500
Liebherr - Gear skiving machine LK 300
Liebherr - complete machining of stepped pinion on LK 280 DC
Liebherr – segment clamping arbor SECLA
Liebherr - Gear Hobbing Machine LC 300 ChamferCut​