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Gear rolling gears


After chamfering with the ChamferCut technology, no additional processing is necessary. No need for a second cut, often required during the deformation-based deburring process for the removal of material build up. With the chamfering process, the exact chamfer form is cut. In contrast to deformation-based processes, the material structure is not affected. Thus, there is no negative impact on finishing after heat treatment (e. g. honing). The precision of this LMT Fette engineered process is undisputed. The quality of such chamfers defines a new standard – with maximum repetitive accuracy.
The combination of these process benefits along with low tool costs makes the ChamferCut the most economic deburring and chamfering process on the market.
- 100% chamfer quality
- Chamfer correction possible via machine control
- High efficiency
- Simple, cost-effective reconditioning
- Module range 0.8 – 42
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