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With XChange from LMT Fette, with its patented interface, for the fi rst time it has been possible to combine
the advantages of carbide and steel in a modular tap. Approximately 90 % of the taps used nowadays are still made
from high-speed steel. This is because this cutting material is featuring the requested toughness for absorbing the torsional
moment as well as the necessary load at the cutting edge when rewinding the tap. HSS, however, is having some disadvantages also, compared to solid-carbide taps: tool life and most importantly the feasible cutting speeds and cycle times are significantly lower.
With XChange two physically prohibitive properties has been combined:
The solid-carbide threaded head, a combination of ultra-fine grain carbide and high performance coating, is providing:
- maximum tool life
- and high cutting speeds
The flexible steel shank guarantees
- the stability of the tool
- and offers extra efficiency
Very high cutting speeds are possible with maximum productivity – a major plus for the cost-effectiveness of thread production.
The XChange with a radial coolant outlet is ideally suited for through hole threads and with an axial coolant outlet for blind
hole threads.
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