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Products for electronic imaging

HMI panels and visualization
HMI panels and visualization
Products for electronic imaging
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Products for electronic imaging
HMI panels and visualization
The visualization concept of the SystemOne CM automation system includes stationary touch displays and mobile panels as well as the complete programming environment for visualization solutions.

All hardware components are stored in the development system and can be integrated easily and without errors.

Stationary HMI:

Stationary touch panels with display diagonals of 8, 12 and 15 inches. They are designed as a monitor solution, i.e. visualization runs centrally on the control CPU. This allows a simple and cost-effective connection to the control. Only one cable is required for graphics and operating data. After starting the controller, immediate diagnostics options are available, as information, such as run-up data is shown directly on the display.Additional software that would have to be operated from the control device is not required. This reduces the overall complexity of the system, leading to lower maintenance and service costs. The standard design of the control units has 16 digital inputs for connecting external circuit elements such as toggle switches etc., allowing the connection of additional switches and lamps to the panel.

Mobile HMI:

The mobile visualization devices are equipped with 3.4” and 6.5” touch displays.

They stand out because of their durability and ergonomic design.

• Effortless and flawless operation thanks to ergonomic housing and low weight.
• Safe for people and machinery thanks to the integrated enabling and emergency stop switches.
• Fail-safe and shock-resistant when dropped from a height of up to 1.5m, resistant to dust and liquids
• Visualization solutions including teaching functions in handling applications


The development environment with the corresponding MotionCenter tool frame contains a Java-based visualization solution as standard.

The visualization editor receives all the necessary data about the display used and the IEC project from the configuration of the device tree.

• Parallel operation of two independent visualizations
• Large library for controls, widgets, standard masks, diagnostics functions and I/O monitoring
• Flexible extension by Java
• Multi-touch solutions in development

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