October 2016
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The AMB 2016 was a very successful trade fair for us once more this year. We would like to express our gratitude to all exhibitors and visitors!

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Topics in this newsletter:

Geometric continues to revolutionize cnc programming

Geometric Ltd. announces a new release of their revolutionary technology that uses SOLIDWORKS® 3D DimXpert and Model Based Definition (MBD) 3D dimensions and annotations to automate the programming of cnc machined components.

Video: Mecof Powermill Gantry type milling center

Innovation Park IndustryArena
Powermill from Mecof stands for easy workpiece positioning, set up and clamping. Flexible application on materials: aluminum, cast iron, steel alloy. High accuracy in machining of large components.

Observation of the Sun with hitherto unattainable accuracy

Already today solar researchers can see that there is activity on the solar surface. But current instrumentation does not enable them to see the causes. As of 2019 the DKIST on the Hawaiian island of Maui will make it possible to see them. With a mirror diameter of four meters it will be the largest solar telescope in the world and therefore provide a very detailed view of the Sun's surface.

New opportunities for heat-shrink technology

For over 20 years EMAG Automation has developed its patented heat-shrink technology. The cam is heated inductively, where it then expands, and is fitted onto the shaft with no force involved. The whole process is carried out at a temperature level generated to suit the specific material and component geometry. The heat-shrink process starts when the component is subsequently quenched. The result is an air-tight shrink-fit.

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