June 2017
Welcome to the June CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about building a plasma machine in Australia, bringing a Fadal 3016L back to life, using Python to program controllers, a DIY CNC wood router project, and a few upcoming industry tradeshows.

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Aussie Plasma Build

Plasma Build
Plasma Build
Will from Queensland, Australia. I've decided to start a CNC Plasma Build. After drawing up some plans in fusion 360, I've decided to jump in with both feet and give this build a crack. I ordered the steel last week. It came in yesterday. Living out in the sticks tends to make things move a little slower when it comes to the delivery side of things. I picked up all 900kg of it; and, we started cutting all the parts from the 4mm plate this morning. Unfortunately, I won't be about to get to the table for a week or so; but, I'd like to share my build and get some input from everyone....
By Contributor User - Willpower

ITE Canada

Just see what my milling machine can do!

Ultrix 1200 EVO
Ultrix 1200 EVO
EMO Hannover is known as a forum for innovation and the perfect stage to launch new products and industry advancements. In 2017, Breton will showcase the Ultrix 1200 EVO 5-axis milling/turning center which optimizes complex, multi-step 3D machining processes. With this center turning, milling, drilling and grinding can all be done on one single machine. Have a look at this video and article, featuring the centers main characteristics and advantages. Make sure to visit the EMO 2017 website to find out more about this and other technologies featured at EMO Hannover 2017. Take advantage of our offer for US-based companies by completing this short survey and get you free daily passes as long as supply lasts.

Fadal 3016L In My Garage

1998 Fadal 3016L
1998 Fadal 3016L
I'm a proud owner of a 1998 Fadal 3016L, with the 88HS control. I bought the mill at the end of December and it was delivered mid January....
Some of the issues that I've found, PDI way lube pump not working, X axis has about .001 backlash and somebody went hog wild with silicone caulk. It is also missing the coolant tank and the spindle cooler. The good is that the spindle runs smooth, the Y and Z have about .0004 end play, the probes work and it fits in my garage. The first thing on the list was to get this mill under power. After a ton of research, I've decided to hook the mill up to single phase. The main reasons for going single phase are, cost and the space of a converter. I know all about the power lost, but, for the type of machining I will be doing, the HP with single phase will not be a problem. Next up... Wiring for single phase.
By Contributor: User - Slowtwitch

Advanced manufacturing at HANNOVER MESSE's Canadian Events

9/25-28, 2017
9/25-28, 2017
From automation & robotics, to motion control, materials handling, compressed air & vacuum, and industrial parts cleaning, the entire spectrum of innovative technology for Industry 4.0 will be on display. Canada presents unprecendented opportunities to share technology with the world at CMTS: Canada's largest industrial event.

CNC Machine Controller - Pure Python for Raspberry Pi

Python Controller
Python Controller
I'd like to present first ever CNC machine controller implementation on pure Python (even without dependencies or any C modules) for ARM based Linux boards. Hardware access layer(HAL) allows to implement support for almost any ARM SoC/CPU with suitable DMA module. But, currently, it is implemented for Raspberry Pi only. It already works on Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3.
Typically, CNC machine controllers are implemented with C or C++ programming language and running on OS-less or very real time operation systems. For example, Linux by default is not a real time operation system. Running LinuxCNC on it requires to add special real time features to the kernel. I believe that is very old approaches for building such controllers. It's high time to use modern ARM processors for CNC and use very high level programming languages like Python to provide easy development, flexibility and migration between hardware.
Contributor: User NKHA

CNC Wood Router Project Build

CNC Router
CNC Router
About 3 years ago I started building a CNC router. I used it for just a little while and quickly embarked on an upgrade. The upgraded version turned out pretty well, very accurate. Not perfect but good enough to learn on as I have no machining experience. It's rack and pinion drive on the X and Y and a ballscrew linear actuator for the Z. There are NEMA 23 steppers all around. I used a lot of parts from CNC Routerparts.com, NEMA 23 motors, their PRO motor mounts, rack mounts for the rack and pinion gear, and a few other things. I used off-the-shelf parts in critical areas where I felt that my skills were only marginal and the better solution already existed. Just had to pay the man. I built the homing and limit switches for it from the thread on here and that turned out well.
Contributor User - 1Jumper10

Checking In

Just a follow up to some wonderful work by the contributors:

User Kosh completed his guitar build: Check out the 5/5/2017 entry for the first play .
User Lcvette is selecting the cnc control for his machine build follow it here.

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