July 2017
Welcome to the July CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about building "The Grizz", a Vertical Mill/Lathe, 1Jumper10's and DonFrambach's wood router projects, and a few upcoming industry tradeshows.

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Title: Benchtop Pro 2x3

I've been looking at the CNCRP Benchtop PRO for some time, but held off because it seemed to be available only in a 2x2 foot cutting area. This seemed to be a little small for me. About two months ago, I wrote to CNCRP and asked if the kit could be made available with a 2x3 foot cutting area. I was delighted to hear that it was available and promptly placed my order, understanding that there would be about a two month lead time. The kit arrived and I thought I'd start a build thread.....

By Contributor: DonFrambach

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Concrete Vertical Mill

Concrete VMC
Concrete VMC
I have converted a bf25 (G0704) to cnc and used it now for about a year. Right now, I want something bigger and more rigid. BF25 cnc mill conversion.

After a while of gathering parts and looking to different designs, I have started building. The x axis is starting to get shape. The x axis is made out of steel; the base and column will be made of concrete (uhpc). Travels will be X-600 Y-300 Z-550. It will have a BT30 spindel with a 16 position tool changer on top. I will use Leadshine closed loop steppers to drive all the axes and use a USB-CNC control board to control everything.

By Contributor: Stef110

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The Grizz Build
The Grizz Build
Bought a G0704 a few months ago... In the process of doing a CNC conversion on it.

The plan.
  • hiwin linear rails on Z axis
  • 2 inch head & column spacer
  • 1hp 3 phase 56c motor
  • belt drive
  • double nut ball screws
  • oil system for ways
  • grease system for screws
  • power draw-bar (air over hydraulic)
  • flood coolant
  • Mach 4
  • intel NUC
  • ESS smoothstepper
  • mx3660 driver
  • 48v 12.5amp power supply
  • nema 23 570oz stepper (x/y)
  • nema 34 906oz stepper (z)
  • hitachi VFD (modbus)
By Contributors Automarc & Nick

4'x6' Steel, Epoxy and ClearPath Servos

Rigid Machine Build
Rigid Machine Build
I've got a good start on my final 3 axis CNC router. I sold my first router on CraigsList. I was pretty surprised by the amount of interest. I got a fair price for it and sold it to the first guy who came to see it. So, the proceeds from that sale became the seed money for this build.
This machine will be mostly steel. More importantly, it will be built around some main components; a Thomson 8" linear actuator for the Z-axis, ClearPath Servos paired with NEMA34, 10:1 low backlash planetary gearboxes, and the helical rack and pinion gears on the X and Y axes. The Z- axis uses a 20mm ballscrew with a 10mm pitch. The linear bearings are 30mm Hiwin units that were bought new, old stock. I want this machine to be very rigid and able to cut aluminum and non-ferrous metals with a good finish and, of course, hardwood and various plastics.

By Contributor: 1Jumper10

Magna ExpoMueblera Industrial / January 17- 20, 2018

Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera Industrial is the leading trade fair in Mexico focused on technology, machinery and material supply for the forestry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries. In its 24th edition, Magna ExpoMueblera 2018 will present new and interesting products for everyone who works with wood. More than 320 manufacturers will display their products on 3.2 million gross square feet of space. The event is expected to attract over 15,000 trade visitors from all over the world.

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