August 2017
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Welcome to the August CNCZone Newsletter
Welcome to the August CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about a SIEG C6 Retrofit, Akron CNC Training Center, DARPA’s Transformative Design Program, using carbon fiber for a CNC gantry and an upcoming industry tradeshow.

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EMO Hannover

SIEG C6 Retrofit

SEIG Retrofit
SEIG Retrofit
I purchased this used SIEG C6 for a very low price. The machine had too many parts missing, like change gears, chuck jaws, chuck key, motor mounting parts, chip guard and chip base. BUT, the machine has a very low running time. It is almost new. So, as I'm CNC converting it, the missing parts are not important to finish the project....

By Contributor: Azalin

Reviving the Machinist's Career

The Akron CNC Training Center has provided education to students interested in machinist careers for the last 10 years. The unique training center shares a building with a CNC machining company, Hawk Manufacturing. Maintaining the school in the same building with a live plant allows the school director, Laurie Norval, to share the practical on-site processes and explain the machinist's career in great detail....

By Contributor: Akron CNC Training Center

High-Performance Five-Axis Machining

Acura 65
Acura 65
The new five-axis Acura range with rotary/tilt table unit is said to speak for itself. The machine is geared towards high-precision five-axis machining with compact structural dimensions. The highly precise and compact Acura 65, the first in the series, has a base area of 2,685x2,850 mm and a height of 2,545 mm with large travels of 700x650x600 mm (x/y/z). The high-performance Acura 65 machining center with rotary/tilt table unit fits in almost every workshop, according to Hedelius.

By Contributor: Falco Wittpoth

EMO 2017 - Free Daily Passes

EMO 9/18-23/2017
EMO 9/18-23/2017
Visit the EMO 2017 website to find out more about the cutting edge technologies featured at EMO Hannover 2017. Take advantage of our offer for US-based companies by completing this short survey and get you free daily passes to EMO 2017 - as long as supply lasts.

DARPA’s Transformative Design Program

A team of researchers, led by Siemens Corporate Technology, and including Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business, Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, and PARC, has been selected by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to participate in their Transformative Design (TRADES) Program. According to DARPA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies, the program intends to develop advanced engineering tools to address highly complex design representation, analysis and synthesis....

By Contributor: IndustryArena

My Carbon Fiber CNC Gantry

Carbon Fiber Gantry
Carbon Fiber Gantry
When I mentioned a few months ago that I intended to use carbon fiber to make my gantry, there were a number of people who asked me to provide details of the design and methodology. Now that I am little closer to a working prototype, I am going to start sharing information on my progress. This is where I am up to so far with the design and build....

By Contributor: Goemon

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