September 2017
Building a Sharpener

Welcome to the September CNCZone Newsletter
Welcome to the September CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about the Acorn release, levelling a surface, and innovative new products like the Gearturbine-RotaryTurbo, Buildbotics CNC Controller, and Easy Tool-ID. We'll also learn about the Russian ELS project and an upcoming industry tradeshow.

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The Best Way To Level Surface And Install The Rails

Epoxy ready to pour
Epoxy ready to pour
I just assembled a 3-axis wood cutting cnc machine. But, I have some problems with my X axis. What would be the best way to level the surface in order to install my rails? I have a 200 cm - 4" by 4" Square Tube for each of my rails. I know I could weld a flat bar on each of my tubes and then sub [sic] it same level; but I just do not know how to do it....

By Contributor: Johnansaro

The Sector’s International Highlight In 2017 – Order Your Tickets Now And Save Money

EMO Hannover 18-23/9/2017

The countdown is running: from 18 to 23 September, the world of metalworking will be meeting up in Hanover. Watch our film to whet your appetite for EMO Hannover 2017. The EMO’s website provides a foretaste of the sector’s keynotes and trends! Who’s going to be there? In the provisional exhibitors’ listing, you can research the exhibitors by name, country of origin and product focus, and already agree appointments using our EMO matchmaking function. You can now conveniently put together your package for travel and accommodation completely online, taking advantage of the favourable special conditions being offered.

When Will "Acorn" Release? - A Product Review

Acorn Release
Acorn Release
A "straight-forward" discussion with beta-testers, regular users, and a representative of the product that was released in August 2017. Disclaimer: CNCZone does not endorse any products or software for use; nor does CNCZone recommend any products or software use.

Contributor: GZero

Markedly More Performance With New Milling Cutter

Fourworx Cutters
Fourworx Cutters
For its newly developed Fourworx indexable insert milling cutter, Pokolm promises a variety of interesting properties and a completely redesigned overall geometry. As a result, even the smallest tool diameter of 16 mm now boasts three inserts....

By Contributor: Yvonne Fedeler

You can build a CNC but can you explain it?

Buildbotics Controller
Buildbotics Controller
Now, everything seems to be somehow computer numerically controlled, I dread being asked the question, “What does CNC stand for?” When I answer the question, people are inevitably disappointed and even more confused. To make matters worse, CNC no longer only means a CNC mill....

By Contributor J. Coffland

EMO 2017 - Free Daily Passes

EMO 9/18-23/2017
EMO 9/18-23/2017
Visit the EMO 2017 website to find out more about the cutting edge technologies featured at EMO Hannover 2017. Take advantage of our offer for US-based companies by completing this short survey and get you free daily passes to EMO 2017 - as long as supply lasts.

State-of-the-Art Novel InFlow 1 Gearturbine-RotaryTurbo 2 Imploturbocompressor-1CompStep

Rotary Turbine
Rotary Turbine
The present invention relates to a compression and pushing motor characterized in that it is composed in a housing. The housing accommodates a rotor rotating in its internal space supported by a pair of gears whose passage coincides with the inner surface of the rotor....

By Contributor: Retrodynamic

Russian Arduino Lead Screw Project

Lead Screw Project
Lead Screw Project
I know the ELS is not that popular when a full CNC conversion isn't that much harder; but, I like the idea of it and have been trying to find a design I can have a go at building. I looked at the ELS group on Yahoo (joined up). It's a great project. It's just not what I was looking for. I have read through all the Google links I could find, including all the posts here, but there's no projects with the complete instructions (for a beginner) to build....

By Contributor: Paulmacc

Nice And Easy - Industrial RFID

Easy Tool-ID
Easy Tool-ID
Sensor specialist Balluff is at EMO to showcase numerous innovations, including Easy Tool-ID, a technology that uses industrial RFID for tool coding to deliver greater transparency, efficiency and quality in metal processing....

By Contributor: Balluff

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