October 2017
Building a Sharpener

Welcome to the October CNCZone Newsletter
Welcome to the October CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about table-top router design, a DIY VMC build, a state-of-the-art milling machine, a Saturn CNC build, a router with an ATC and a review of the EMO 2017 show .

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Table-Top Router - Design Suggestions?

Table-Top Router
Table-Top Router
Over the last week or so I've been designing myself a replacement table-top router for my current x6-2200L (a 6040 style machine but has 20mm HG type linear rails), pictured here. I'll be transferring the electronics across since I've already upgraded those (pokeys57cnc controller and leadshine closed loop easy servo motors and drives). So, I'm contemplating building this in the next couple of months - would like to see if you guys point out any easy improvements or additions. I am aware of course that this is not the most low cost machine I'll ever have built, but I'm after something with high precision and rigidity while having a decent work area. Still, I need to design a few little bits like cable chain mounts and ref switch mounts etc....

By Contributor: Zeeflyboy

Juaristi TH3S Horizontal Boring and Milling Center

Juaristi TH3S
Juaristi TH3S
JUARISTI, a Spanish Family business that specializes in new-generation CNC machining centers, milling machines and boring mills, was at EMO Hannover 2017 to present the high-performance TH3S horizontal boring and milling center, a highly flexible and cost-effective machine for a range of different applications.

By Contributor: EMO Correspondent

Darex XPS-16+

The Darex XPS-16+ is a faster and more accurate CNC drill sharpener

Darex has pushed the innovation envelope even further, with the XPS-16+. The XPS-16+ is a faster and more accurate CNC drill sharpener that sharpens two-fluted HSS, cobalt, carbide and coated bits. With 4-axes, it can sharpen common split point geometries and complex 4-facet point drills. With an acceptable drill diameter ranging from 3 to 16 millimeters, the unit creates any point angle from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. This advanced CNC sharpener also automatically hones carbide drills, providing users with ultimate cutting accuracy. In addition, its CNC control allows the user to customize point styles for their needs and save them for future use. Its simplicity and precision make it a must-have for any professional machine shop. Learn more about the XPS-16+.

Benchtop CNC mill Running A Tormach Rapid Turn/4th Axis Setup

Mill + Rapid Turn
Mill + Rapid Turn
Hi everyone and welcome back to my nightmare. Actually this time it's a dream come true. Last week, I discovered the Tormach Rapid Turn and thought that's a great idea. So, I found a used Rapid Turn with all the goodies for a good price and bought it on the spot. Now, how do I hook this up to my CNC running Mach 3 when all the warnings say that it can only run on the manufacturer's "magic" software and it's made only for specific machines. Here we go....

By Contributor: Roadstercycle

Review: EMO 2017 Set The Pace For The Future of Manufacturing

EMO 2017
EMO 2017
A veritable hotbed for business success; a fantastic window onto the global market; a pacesetter for the future of manufacturing ? those are just a few of the ways in which participating exhibitors have described the outcome of EMO Hannover 2017. After six action-packed days, more than 2,200 international manufacturers of production technology left Hannover, Germany with full order books, in a highly optimistic frame of mind.

By Contributor: EMO News Team

Granite Vertical Mill Build

Vertical Mill Build
Vertical Mill Build
VMCs are expensive. So, I decided to to see if I can build one, or something close. I have no practical use for a CNC machine but it seems like a fun challenge. This all started a year ago when I discovered "This Old Tony" on YouTube. Fast-forward 6 months; and, I had found myself a Bridgeport and was learning to make parts. Or, as my girlfriend calls it, I was making a very big mess in the garage. Then I discovered "NYCCNC" on YouTube and was hooked on the idea of owning a VMC.....

By Contributor: MattyJ4

FineLine Saturn 4x2 with ClearPath, UC300-ETH / MB2

FineLine Saturn Build
FineLine Saturn Build
After reading more posts on this forum than I can count, I decided to pull the trigger on a FineLine Saturn 4 x 2. Thanks to everyone who has posted information this site. It has been very helpful. The machine has been sitting in my garage for close to a month now because I honestly wasn't expecting it to ship in less than a week. (Thanks again, Nate!) So, it caught me a little unprepared in the electronics department. I now have most of the parts. It's time to start the build thread!

By Contributor: DDgitfiddle

Magna Expo Mueblera Industrial - January 17-20, 2018

Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera Industrial is the leading trade fair in Mexico focused on technology, machinery and material supply for the forestry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries. In its 24th edition, Magna ExpoMueblera 2018 will present new and interesting products for everyone who works with wood. More than 320 manufacturers will display their products on 323,000 net square feet of space. The event is expected to attract over 15,000 trade visitors from all over the Americas.

Heavy steel build, ATC, R&P, Servos

Heavy Steel Build
Heavy Steel Build
I wanted to upgrade my existing machine with an ATC; but, I cannot find enough downtime to make the modifications. Because of this, I am building a second machine and will then run them both in production. The existing machine mostly does VCarving and struggles with cuts above 1000mm/Min due to vibrations in the structure. Obviously. this destroys the fine detail. Although, the machine can make profile cuts at 5,000mm/Min....

By Contributor: MattH

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