November 2017
Building a Sharpener

Welcome to the November CNCZone Newsletter
Welcome to the November CNCZone Newsletter. We'll be sharing articles from our users about a Saturn CNC Build; Tree/KIRA Retrofit and a Tree CNC Build; GrblGru CAM Software; The technology behind how an end mill cuts stock and tradeshow announcements

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Saturn 4'x4' With Clearpath Servos

Saturn Build
Saturn Build
My Saturn Arrived Yesterday!!! Time to get busy. One of the design goals was to have a control cabinet that was clean with as few of components as possible, I will cover each component and the reasoning behind the choice to use it. The learning curve behind all of this is very steep, which is why I am creating this build log - in case anyone wants to venture down the path of making their own control cabinet. If you don't want to use the Saturn, maybe a cheaper OX or R7 open builds based router, this electronics kit would be a nice upgrade to those units, especially the R7 that many users seem to run into issues with. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Saturn. The machine itself was $3500; but, with all steel construction, it was an easy choice over the aluminum extrusion machines in the same and even more expensive price range. I liked it even more than some machines being sold for $13,000. This thing is rigid!...

By Contributor: WhiteWolf

Tree/Kira VTC30 - Recalled To Life!

I bought a old Tree/Kira VTC30 that did not work. I didn't have any chance to test it with power before purchasing it. My only CNC experience before this is a 60x40 chinese cnc router with mach3. So, I think the learning curve will be steep. My plan is to hopefully be able to fix it and have a running machine, obviously. The error I was told about is that they could not get the spindle running. Then, there is also transport damage with a broken power and encoder cable to the Y stepper driver. I've ordered new plugs and will solder in the new one when they arrive. Until then, I don't want to power up the machine just to get more errors because of the missing encoder signal cable, that I would have to unplug....

By Contributor: M1N1M

Darex XPS-16+

The Darex XPS-16+ is a faster and more accurate CNC drill sharpener

Darex has pushed the innovation envelope even further, with the XPS-16+. The XPS-16+ is a faster and more accurate CNC drill sharpener that sharpens two-fluted HSS, cobalt, carbide and coated bits. With 4-axes, it can sharpen common split point geometries and complex 4-facet point drills. With an acceptable drill diameter ranging from 3 to 16 millimeters, the unit creates any point angle from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. This advanced CNC sharpener also automatically hones carbide drills, providing users with ultimate cutting accuracy. In addition, its CNC control allows the user to customize point styles for their needs and save them for future use. Its simplicity and precision make it a must-have for any professional machine shop. Learn more about the XPS-16+.

GrblGru: Free CAM And 3D-Simulation For Mills And Lathes

GrblGru Software
GrblGru Software
I've seen already a lot of lathe users looking for a free CAM program. So, I would like to share my free program GrblGru. It provides CAM functionality and 3D simulation for milling machines and lathes. In command mode (G-code sender) it can communicate with GRBL as well as TinyG. I use the program for my little DIY milling machine and my old lathe, that I've updated to CNC. Now I'm looking for good ideas to improve it.
If you like to give GrblGru a try, you can download it from my dropbox at https://goo.gl/quFpdZ It's running under windows operating systems since XP. On my youtube channel you can follow the history of GrblGru from the beginning in 2014 until now.

By Contributor: GrblGru
Ed Note: Special appreciation to W. Smith who recommended this thread - reproduced in its entirity.

Basic Elements - How an End Mill Cuts Stock

End Mills
End Mills
End mills are one of the most common tools used in machining, and knowing how they cut is the best way to make sure you're getting the most of your tooling. These are the basic elements of how an end mill actually cuts your stock and makes machining possible.
Understanding the process of cutting with an end mill can help you make better feeds and speeds choices, as we well as a myriad of other machining decisions.

By Contributor: C. Fox

Tree325 Retrofit Started!

Tree325 Retrofit
Tree325 Retrofit
I was able to find a Tree Journeyman 325 Knee Mill with issues on it's Delta20 (Dynapath) controller. I have a 10hp three-phase motor that I will be setting up as a rotary phase converter to power this three-phase machine. I purchased this machine for $1000 and it is now in the garage ready for the retrofit.
This retrofit will be done with the Dynomotion: Kflop Controller Kanalog Expansion Board for KFLOP
On the Dynomotion WIKI support page there is a wiring diagram schematic for the Tree 325 which has a two page PDF schematic....Really going to need help here .

By Contributor: PeterTheWolf

Magna Expo Mueblera Industrial - January 17-20, 2018

Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera
Magna ExpoMueblera Industrial is the leading trade fair in Mexico focused on technology, machinery and material supply for the forestry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing industries. In its 24th edition, Magna ExpoMueblera 2018 will present new and interesting products for everyone who works with wood. More than 320 manufacturers will display their products on 323,000 net square feet of space. The event is expected to attract over 15,000 trade visitors from all over the Americas.

Technical Education Made Easier with Real Machines

Learn Hands-On
Learn Hands-On
Hands-on learning is quickly becoming the best-known way for students to fully grasp concepts and curriculum, especially in the world of technical education. To this end, classrooms have started to change in accommodation for this type of hands-on teaching. Because 3D printers are becoming more regular in everyday classrooms (not just tech ed rooms), machine tools, like CNC mills and lathes, are more commonplace in the shop....

By Contributor: C. Fox

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