November 2018
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fall has settled. Thanksgiving and Halloween are over and the winter rest is coming slowly. However some might not have a long rest, because the christmas stress is approaching fast paced.

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Read in this month's newsletter about popular forum topics, help out in "Unanswered Forum Threads" and enjoy our selected videos.

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Top Forum Threads

After having featured our popular forum "Benchtop Machines" last month, we present you another highly visited forum: "Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines".

Here are our Top 10 Forum Threads about Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines

You want to discuss actively with the community and use your knowledge to help other users? Feel free to put your knowledge to the test and help the community to solve various issues.



Register now for one of the most important international trade meetings for the production of gears and drivetrains worldwide. More than 300 leading experts and 35 exhibitors from industry and research come together at this event to exchange knowledge and experience. GETPRO is organized by the German Research Association for Drive Technology (Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik e. V. – FVA), the worldwide leading drive technology network. Become part of this unique international community.

Videos in the IndustryArena

This month we have more amazing and interessting videos to show you.

This is an interesting test how much ink is used to airbrush with a CNC build.

This was made almost a year ago as a gift. An awesome plasma cut world clock.

This shows how effective guitars can be built nowadays.

Feeling hungry? Why not have your meal cooked with a CNC machine?


CECAMASA is a company with long experience in the field of industrial machinery.
Established in 1979, CECAMASA has adapted to the new global market trends, having international presence and positive results on sales around the world.


In its central warehouses, CECAMASA has a wide variety of industrial machinery, where you will find:
  • Great deals on machinery (large number of products with total guarantee of functions).
  • New Machinery (being official distributors of important trademarks).
  • Flexibility to offer different "quality-price" alternatives of a product.
  • Quality in all the supplied products, accessories, technical documentation and transport.
  • Likewise, CECAMASA can offer the most competitive prices of the market due to its knowledge of the metallurgical sector, its structure, and understanding of "what the customer needs".

In addition, CECAMASA's post sales service tracks follow-up actions and customer satisfaction, offering solutions to issues like replacements, maintenance, and, machinery upgrades and updates.

Unanswered Forum Threads

And again, our new category called "Unanswered Forum Threads".
These threads have been created days, weeks or even month ago and never received a reply. We want you to contribute to our community and share your wisdom with us all.

10 Forum Threads that have never been answered

If you know the answer feel free to help out these fellows by answering their questions.

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