January 2019
Dear members,

we wish you and your families, friends and colleagues a happy and successful 2019!

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This year barely startet and already many exciting projects and challenges await us. Read in this month's newsletter about popular forum topics and more exciting infos all around CNCzone.

Yours CNCzone Team

Top Forum Threads

The General Metalwork Discussion Forum is another forum that has immense traffic regarding threads, posts and views.

Here are our Top 10 Forum Threads in the General Metalwork Discussion

You want to discuss actively with the community and use your knowledge to help other users? Feel free to put your knowledge to the test and help the community to solve various issues.

Videos in the CNCzone

It is amazing to see the creativity of our community members. Ambition has no limits.

CNC playing music
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you finished setting up your CNC machine? Exactly! Let's play some music with it!

Create your own videos and share your experience with the community. Maybe your video gets featured in this monthly newsletter next time.

Become part of our Community!

To make this newsletter a success, we need your help! Become a contributor, send your ideas and articles, or just feedback to our CNCzone Support Desk.

You want to get more involved within the community? We are always looking for moderators and dedicated professional geeks in CNC & manufacturing technics.

Unanswered Forum Threads

And again our unanswered forum threads from last month require your assistance. Together we can strengthen the community and thus expand the CNCzone knowledge base.

10 Forum Threads that have never been answered

If you know the answer feel free to help out these fellow members by answering their questions or even solving their issue.

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