May 2019

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Time always runs fast. Now it´s already May. The springtime has reached its second half and summertime is not very far away any more. But before you can enjoy your well deserved summer holidays, there is surely still something on your schedule. In this newsletter you´ll find some very interesting topics for your daily work life.

Of course in the last months we had been diligent as well and can proudly announce now, that CNCZone and IndustryArena.com welcomes with the user MargaretManzi its 500,000th active member! We are very happy about this new record and would like to thank our whole community for the productive participation we are able to experience every day.

500,000 active member

We are looking forward to continuing the successful time and wish you all the best!

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We invite to the Open House 2019

Fastems Open House 2019

Together with Fastems and Norbert Kempf CNC-technology, the IndustryArena organizes as patron between the 5th and 6th of June in St. Ingbert / Germany the Open House 2019. Experience at this year's event, that runs under the motto "Batch size independent production costs – that is how it's done!", an exciting lecture and exhibition programme with groundbreaking innovations.

Look forward to the following speakers:

  • Heikki Hallila, Managing Director | Fastems Systems GmbH
    "Agile manufacturing from a technical and economic point of view"
  • Stefan Kempf, Managing Director | Norbert Kempf CNC-Technik GmbH
    "Lot size independent manufacturing costs - that's how it's done!"
  • Giuseppe Saragò, General Manager, Smart Manufacturing & Innovations | Wärtsilä Corporation | "The Smart Technology Hub"
  • Marcus Jakob, Global Process Development Manager | SKF Group
    "A journey from batch manufacturing to single piece flow in a low volume/high variety business"
You can find the complete agenda on Open House Webseite.

Get yourself inspired by these Keynote Speakers:

Thomas Bauernhansl
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl
(Institute Director)
Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart
Institute for industrial production
and factory operation

06.06. „Mass Personalization – Developing and producing the quantity 1 with cognitive production systems“
Michael Lickefett
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Lickefett
(Head of Production Organization)
Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart
Institute for industrial production
and factory operation

05.06. "Personalized production - new solutions for highly efficient small series and single piece production"

Powerful TNC functions for perfect molds


Dimensional precision, contour accuracy, and perfect surface quality are the machining challenges faced by tool and mold manufacturers. Economic demands, such as the need for higher productivity and lower costs, add to the pressure. The powerful TNC functions of the HEIDENHAIN controls offer you solutions for both highly accurate and efficient machining.

With live demonstrations and four topic islands at the MEX2019 trade show, HEIDENHAIN will be showing you how you can get the most out of your machine and meet workpiece accuracy requirements with efficiency.

RAPID + TCT in Detroit

RAPID + TCT is known worldwide as the most influential additive manufacturing event in North America. The event takes place from 20th – 23rd of May at the Cobo Center in Detroit / Michigan.


Top 5 reasons to attend
  • Learn how to use 3D technologies to reduce time to market, produce stronger and lighter parts, improve efficiency, reduce waste, and create complex geometries.
  • Consult with industry experts before you make equipment decisions.
  • Visit 400+ 3D technology providers ...

New Large DIPIPM+ series

New Large DIPIPM+ series

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced the launch of three new Large DIPIPM+™ transfer-mold intelligent power modules featuring loading-converter circuits that realize simpler and more compact designs for use in air-conditioner and industrial inverters. Of special note, one of the new modules achieves a world's first* high-density output of 100A/1200V in its transfer-mold package. Sales of the new DIPIPM+ series will begin on May 29. Also, the modules will be exhibited at major trade shows, ...

Worlds Modern Automatic CNC Lathe Milling Machine Working

This month we would like to introduce you the following video about modern machine working.

Worlds Modern Automatic CNC Lathe Milling Machine Working

Worlds Modern Automatic CNC Lathe Milling Machine Working, High Precision 5 axis Metal CNC Machining

Shorter cycle times as a central objective

Shorter cycle times

For the high requirements in the automotive sector in particular, Walter AG is introducing new boring tools with tangentially arranged indexable inserts. The usually high feeds for tangential systems are therefore transferred from the milling to the holemaking. In contrast to radial tools, tangential tools can work without good chip clearance.

Walter combines the extremely stable tool core that results from this with a separate indexable-insert geometry – and therefore not only improves the surface quality: A second clearance angle reduces the effective clearance angle, which is otherwise high for tangential tools, and reduces "chattering". The square-shaped indexable insert can be ...

Used machinery marketplace

Are you looking for a used machine? Take a look at our used machinery market, no matter if you need one for hobby or professional. Filter among more than 7,100 products by machine type, operating hours or price to find the machine you are searching for, quickly and precisely.

Our monthly selection of current used machines
Super Mini Mill Schechtl MSB 250
Machining Centers (Vertical) Table Shears

Unanswered Forum Threads

Some unsolved problems and unanswered questions remain in our forum threads already for several weeks. If you are able to answer some of these questions, it would be very kind, if you could help our community members to solve their problems.

5 forum threads that haven´t been answered yet:

If you know the answer feel free to help out these fellow members by answering their questions or even solving their issue. Here you can find other unanswered questions of the past two weeks.

You are welcome to take a look at our top posters from the last month:

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