June 2019
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Now we have June. Almost the half of the year is already over and for sure the first half has been busy for most of you as always. But the temperatures are getting higher now recognizeable, so maybe a good chance to celebrate some nice barbecue evenings with your familiy, friends or colleagues after work.

CNCzone energy

And for you, our esteemed members, who are fire and flame for your work with cnc machines, we want to present some hot topics in our monthly newsletter: We give you a short look at important trade fairs in China in the following weeks, for example the international Welding and Cutting Fair (BEWC) in Shanghai at the end of June or the Aluminium China in July, the world´s largest aluminium industry event. We have an interesting video about the self-made construction of a Tormach CNC Lathe and another one about hints and tricks to lower cost for CNC Machining. And because it´s certainly of great interest to most of you, we´ll show you some new developments in our discussion forums and some other topics.

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International Welding and Cutting Fair

Beijing Essen Welding Cutting

As the most important trade fair in the Asian region and the second largest trade fair worldwide, the Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting is known as a trade fair for welding and cutting technology.
The fair provides an excellent platform for information exchange, networking and market development. Here exhibitors from all over the world show machines and systems for welding, flame cutting, brazing, thermal spraying, gluing, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing methods. For already the twenty-fourth time the Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting will take place on 4 days from 25.06. - 28.06.2019 in Shanghai.

CNC LATHE Is Boring They Say

On the youtube-channel of Giaco Whatever, a popular Italian "Stuff and Videomaker" (as he describes himself) we found a pretty interesting video about the construction of a Tormach CNC Lathe.

CNC Lathe Is Boring They Say

Top Forum Threads

Again we would like to thank all our members to participate the eager discussions on CNCzone and IndustryArena. Some threads attract hundreds of Viewers and repliers every day while other topics are much less popular. You´re welcome to check out by yourself which threads are the most interesting and helpful threads. We want to introduce you the hottest popular topics in our forum of the last month.

Here are our 10 most viewed Forum Threads of the last month:

You want to discuss actively with the community and use your knowledge to help other users? Feel free to put your knowledge to the test and help the community to solve various issues.


Beijing Essen Welding Cutting

ALUMINIUM CHINA 2019 (10th-12th of July) is Asia's professional aluminium industry platform, annually held in Shanghai. By presenting customized match making programs, buyers with emerging and established demands from booming industry clusters as well as a comprehensive conference & seminar program, ALUMINIUM China 2019 is the first choice for branding, networking and sourcing in Asia, which is one of the world's fastest growing market.

Unanswered Forum Threads

Some unsolved problems and unanswered questions remain in our forum threads already for several weeks. If you are able to answer some of these questions, our members would for sure appreciate very much, if you could help solve their problems.

5 forum threads that haven´t been answered yet:

If you know the answer feel free to help out these fellow members by answering their questions or even solving their issue. If you are interested in more unanswered questions of the last weeks, you can find them via the following link.

General Motors Supplier Of The Year Award

GM Supplier Of The Year 2018

During its annual 'Supplier Of The Year Award' from 15th of May in Detroit the globally operating US automative group General Motors Company (GMC) acknowledged their best supplying companies of the last year. Winners were selected based on performance criteria in Product Purchasing, Global Purchasing and Manufacturing Services, Customer Care and Aftersales, and Logistics. The award acknowledges GM’s most important suppliers in 2018. Honored companies were for example the companies KUKA AG, Heller Group or GROB Werke GmbH & Co. KG. More informations about the award and other acknowledged companies you can find in the following link.

Forum Video Of The Month

Last month our member abender was so kind to share his very interesting video about hints and tricks to lower cost for CNC Machining in our forum. It is definetely worth to watch it and maybe some hints of the video could be helpful for you and your daily work life.

Design Tips and Tricks to lower cost for CNC Machining

We can also recommend to visit our forum and watch some of the other exciting videos shared by our users.

Used Machinery Marketplace

Are you looking for a used machine? Take a look at our used machinery market, no matter if you need one for hobby or professional. Filter among more than 7,100 products by machine type, operating hours or price to find the machine you are searching for, quickly and precisely.

Our monthly selection of current used machines
NDNL GZK4240 MÖHRINGER 144.001.58
NDNL GZK4240 MÖHRINGER 144.001.58
Various Sawing, Filling and Cutting-off Machines Saws

Most Active Members Of CNCzone

We´re proud of our popular forum that already exists since 2003. The forums of CNCzone live from the active participation of their experienced and well knowledged members wo exchange advices, hints and videos for the daily work with machines of all kinds. And at this point we want to honor our most active members of the last weeks.

You are welcome to take a look at our top posters of the last month:

179 posts
185 posts
 151 posts

But not only our top posters should be honored. Of course it´s not less important to start a new interesting thread that attracts other members to join the discussion.

So please check out our top thread starters of the last month as well:

7 threads
8 threads
 6 threads

It´s really impressive to see how often some members visit our forum for active participation. Maybe you would like to stand on top of the podium next time?

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