July 2019

Summer time has now reached its highest point. For sure many of our members are now taking holiday and enjoying their well deserved free days at the beach, on a mountain-trip or anywhere else at nice places. Matching to the vacation time the 'Day of the Hammock' will be celebrated on 22nd of July.

hammock day

But not everybody is in holiday. A few colleagues always have to hold the position during summer. IndustryArena and CNCZone as well are busy during the sunny and warm days. For example we optimized our ORDERMATCH in the last weeks and are already preparing our exhibition on the EMO 2019 in Hannover. And we have some other hot topics for you. For example the new developments in our forums.

Topics in this newsletter:

ORDERMATCH - Perfect Network for Suppliers and Buyers

ORDERMATCH is the industrial business network for suppliers and buyers. It offers you the best conditions for a successful, uncomplicated and fair job brokerage. You benefit from clearly structured opportunities in a highly active, professional network with more than 500,000 members, make new contacts and generate valuable leads.


We are currently in the process of fundamentally overhauling and updating the portal. The ORDERMATCH booth (Hall 9, booth E24) at this year's EMO in Hannover will give you a first taste.
If you can´t attend this year´s EMO or don´t want to wait until September, you can already take a look at the new ORDERMATCH information portal. There you will get all the informations you need to know about our order placement - compact, modern and clear!

Top Forum Threads

Again we would like to thank all our members to participate the eager discussions on CNCzone and IndustryArena. Some threads attract hundreds of Viewers and repliers every day while other topics are less popular. You´re welcome to check out by yourself which threads are the most interesting and helpful threads. We want to introduce you the hottest popular topics in our forum of the last month.

Here are our 10 most viewed Forum Threads of the last month:

You want to discuss actively with the community and use your knowledge to help other users? Feel free to put your knowledge to the test and help the community to solve various issues.

Optimize surface quality and workpiece accuracy with 3D-ToolComp

Optimize surface quality and workpiece accuracy with 3D-ToolComp

The imperfect circularity of radius cutters can negatively impact machining outcomes. This is because errors in tool geometry cause a discrepancy between the actual point of tool-to-workpiece contact and the one calculated by the control.

The 3D-ToolComp option improves accuracy by employing three-dimensional tool-radius compensation to counteract deviations in tool circularity. What’s more, 3D-ToolComp enables such exact three-dimensional calibration of a touch probe that it can then measure free-form surfaces with the required level of accuracy.

Our Unanswered Forum Threads

The eager communication in our beloved forum is always very impressive. A few thousand users from all over the worl give advice, hints and valuebale comments every day and help each other with solving their problems. Thanks a lot for the participation. A few questions unfortunately always remain without any answer. Possibly they´re not visible for the right experts, because they are not following the discussions in this special forum or they are not online every day. We want to give these threads another chance to receive helpful replies.

5 forum threads that haven´t been answered yet:

If you are able to answer some of these questions, please write a comment in these threads.

Company Portrait: Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Buffalo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Buffalo is one of the fastest-growing machine tool manufacturing companies in Taiwan. Located in Taichung, a global cluster in the industry, it produces quality machines with excellent customer service.
The company was founded in 1979 by Dr. Paul Chang as a trading export company. In the 90´s Buffalo started its own mechatronics R&D department, then the electrical assembly line and by 1997, in cooperation with European engineers, the complete machine was developed and assembled in new production facilities.
Buffalo supplies a wide range of products, divided into two brands. MICROCUT, the original brand since 1983, covers most of the product lines and aims to deliver quality machines at competitive prices focusing on the relationship with the dealer and the end-user. AXILE, launched during TIMTOS show in 2017, is conceived to cover the premium market of 3X and 5X high-speed vertical machining centers, with a focus on technology and performance.

Adventure 2019: With a Self-made Vehicle through Alaska

The german brothers and high leveled do-it-yourself-workers Paul and Hansen Hoepner are adventurers with passion. With their self-made amphibious vehicle called "Urmel", they want to cross Alaska in half a year, from the southern Aleutian Islands to Prudhoe Bay high in the north. Paul and Hansen have already completed numerous test drives with the prototype in rough terrain and will start their adventure this autumn.

with self made vehicle through Alaska

The vehicle based on a tri-wheel construction is still largely made of metal, has 12 wheels, 4 axles and 4 cranks for height adjustment. In the final vehicle many heavy metal components will be replaced by carbon parts to reduce the weight, so that it can be moved more efficient with the leg strength from Paul and Hansen. 'Urmel' was created in the impressive machine-park of the twin brothers which they increased piece by piece during the years. Of course with some help from well-experienced sponsors. Companies like CNC-Step, Igus or Siegmund provide technical fabric and advices.

Used Machinery Marketplace

Are you looking for a used machine? Take a look at our used machinery market, no matter if you need one for hobby or professional. Filter among more than 7,200 products by machine type, operating hours or price to find the machine you are searching for, quickly and precisely.

Our monthly selection of current used machines
Machining Centers (Horizontal) Associated Heat Treatment Equipment

Countdown for EMO 2019 in Hannover is running

EMO 2019 Hannover

Already in two months the EMO 2019 will again take place in Hannover, the leading trade fair of our industry with more than 2000 exhibitors from all over the world. For all CNC experts it´s always impressive and of course worth a trip to Hannover. It takes place from 16th - 21st of September. IndustryArena will show up on this trade as well (hall 9, booth E24) to present many new topics like the new ORDERTMATCH and will honor the winners of the Content Marketing Award.

Eagerly Awaited Report: '1000 Companies to Inspire Britain'

1000 companies to inspire Britain

Published in end of June and eagerly awaited: The report '1000 Companies to Inspire Britain', an annual celebration of some of the fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK. As well as identifying 1000 companies, the annual report examines in detail the opportunities and challenges facing SMEs and looks at the sectors and trends that will shape the future of the UK economy.
Manufacturing & Engineering is one of the UK’s broadest sectors, because Britain is the birthplace of the industrial revolution and remains a leading manufacturing nation, with 2.6 million people employed in this sector. So of course, the manufacturing and engineering sector also takes a big place in the report.

Our Top Forum Posters

Our forum doesn´t need summer holidays. It´s active 365 days a year. For our members it is always a high welcome platform for the exchange of advice, hints and videos for the daily work with machines of all kinds. And at this point we want to honor our top posters of the last four weeks.

You are welcome to take a look at our top posters of the last month:

119 posts
152 posts
 104 posts

'ger21' was able to defend his place at the top. Congratulations. Maybe you also would like to be on the podium next time?

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