October 2019
Happy Halloween

The last quarter of 2019 has already begun. Aside from all the tasks on your schedule, we should not forget to celebrate things that are worth it, such as Halloween. Do you have already everything prepared for a scary Halloween party? In our newsletter we present some nice ideas how to optimize your party with CNC machining. Beyond that, we have some less creepy, but not less interesting topics: We introduce you a few highlights of the current IndustryArena eMagazine or an article about the burdens that the industry has to adjust in 2020. And as always we have everything what´s new in our forums.

Topics in this newsletter:

Need Some Ideas for Halloween?

Do you still need some great ideas how to optimize your Halloween party with cnc machining? Take a view at the following videos. Maybe they would give you a nice input.

CNC LED Skull Project Halloween
CNC LED Skull Project

CNC Tutorial 3D Puzzle Spider
CNC Tutorial 3D Puzzle ‘Spider’
3D Carving Halloween “BeWARe” Sign
3D Carving Halloween “BeWARe” Sign

CNC Machining a Pumpkin
CNC Machining a Pumpkin

Exciting Articles in the Current eMagazine

IndustryArena eMagazine

Do you have already read all the exciting articles in the current edition of the IndustryArena eMagazine? Here are some highlights:

IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019   IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019   IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019
Global leader discusses the future and fate of metalworking
Cooling Lubricant Compatibility of Elastomers ...
Automating a CNC Lathe has Become a Lot Easier

Our Top Forum Threads

We are in the last quarter of 2019 and for the most fall is usually busier than the summer months. Our members are now talking more eagerly in our forums. As every month we would like to introduce you the most interesting topics of our members of the last weeks.

Here are our 7 most viewed forum threads:

Feel free to read and comment in our forum and connect with like-minded people around the world.

Forum Video of the Month - Top 10 Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machines for Metal of 2019

Design &/ Manufacturing

This month we found a very interesting video of our member stylecnc:

"Looking for an affordable fiber laser cutting machine for metal? This video will show you 2019 top 10 best fiber laser cutters for sheet metals and metal tubes of stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy, aluminum, gold, iron and silver. You will learn how does a fiber laser metal cutting machine work? how to find the right fiber laser cutter for metal fabrications?"

Our Unanswered Forum Threads

Our forums are used by people from all over the world. Isn´t it amazing that our members have the opportunity to help members on the other side of the world solve their problems? We want to give some unanswered threads of the last weeks the possibility to receive helpful replies.

7 forum threads that haven´t been answered yet:

You want to find more unanswered threads in our forums? Just follow the link below.

Fair of the Month - Design & Manufacturing Minneapolis

Design &/ Manufacturing

The Design & Manufacturing Minneapolis from 23 - 24 October 2019 connects you with top industry experts. What sets this trade fair apart from others is that it's combined with four other complementary events. That means you have a chance to circulate outside your usual network and discover how other companies across industries are solving their end-to-end manufacturing challenges, from packaging and plastics to AI and automation.

Global production decline in 2020?

Production decline in 2020?

A global economic weakness, trade disputes and industrial structural change are weighing on business in mechanical engineering. The industry must adjust to considerable burdens: The trade dispute between the USA and China and a growing protectionism around the globe have a big impact on this industrial branch which counts among the world‘s export leaders. Other factors include the global economic downturn, structural changes in key customer groups or the uncertainty about Britain's EU withdrawal. Due to this economical experts are expecting a worldwide decline in production for 2020.

Used Machinery Marketplace

Are you looking for a used machine? Take a look at our used machinery market, no matter if you need one for hobby or professional. Filter among more than 7,200 products by machine type, operating hours or price to find the machine you are searching for, quickly and precisely.

Our monthly selection of current used machines
Schmid VMC 1200 II machining center Mazak
Schmid VMC 1200 II machining center Mazak Integrex 100-IIIST CNC Lathes
Schmid Mazak
Machining Centers (Vertical) CNC lathes (4 or more axes)

Our Top Forum Posters

And at the end of our newsletter it´s time again to honor our most active members of our forums:

These three members are our top posters in September:

150 posts
153 posts
 Jim Dawson
 95 posts

Mecanix again can be found at the top position, 153 posts are absolutely impressive. But the users mactec54 and Jim Dawson are honored as well for their eager participation in our forums.

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