November '19
Autumn Leaves

We have November - it´s getting darker and colder outside. Therefore a good reason to stay inside to work on and start some new and exciting projects. Most companies are busy in achieving a very good financial statement for this year. But maybe there is still some time in your diary to attend the coming Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt/Main, the leading fair about additive manufacturing? In our newsletter we also want to inform you about the advantages of the Heidenhain TNC 640. And In addition we have everything what´s new on IndustryArena: For example the latest Social Media Ranking or the current highlights of our forum.

Topics in this newsletter:

Trootwijk online auctionIndustryArena

Benefit from digital job planning and process reliability

Benefit from digital job planning and process reliability

Enjoy fully digital job planning right on the control: the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 makes it easy. Its 24-inch widescreen with Extended Workspace Compact lets you run supporting applications alongside the control screen. What’s more, the TNC’s Component Monitoring option keeps malfunctions at bay while boosting process reliability, throughput, and machine service life. By continuously tracking the spindle bearing load and cyclically monitoring the feed axes, this function prevents overload damage to the spindle and gives you insight into ball-screw wear.

IndustryArena Social Media Ranking

IndustryArena social media ranking

Again we want to show you the three most successful Newsrooms on IndustryArena:
2.SIEMENSSIEMENS - Digital Industries4,693 Followers
3.DMG MORIDMG MORI3,862 Followers

HEIDENHAIN is still the number one with a great distance to the second and third place of SIEMENS and DMG MORI with also a really impressive number of followers.

Not less exciting is a look at the newsrooms, which recorded the largest increases last month.
1.SIEMENSSIEMENS - Digital IndustriesIndustryArena +87 Followers
2.HEIDENHAINHEIDENHAINIndustryArena +76 Followers
3.DMG MORIDMG MORIIndustryArena +71 Followers
4.EMO HannoverEMO HannoverIndustryArena +60 Followers
5.umatiumatiIndustryArena +49 Followers

This time SIEMENS is the number one in receiving new followers in September. But the other Newsroom operators in our top 5 ranking have been very successful as well. Great job!

Our Unanswered Forum Threads

As every month several unanswered threads remain in our forums. Are you able to help our members from all over the world to solve their problems?

7 forum threads that haven´t been answered yet:

mach 4 and UC400ETH by collyble from Malta
BUG-6150 by Kevin Taylor from USA
G320X going into fault on 4th axis by sploo from United Kingdom
Spindle motor turns but now I can't move in ... by bivegele from Cameroon
BMC 30 Help Needed please by richard mc g from Ireland
NUM 750 ZAYER CNC MILLING MACHINEby ravenforwolf from Romania
turn off siemens 810 command by joebrabo from Brazil

And of course there are more unanswered questions in our forum. Feel free to participate the discussions.

Exciting Articles in the Current eMagazine

IndustryArena eMagazine
This month we would like to show you 3 more exciting articles from our eMagazine:

IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019   IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019   IndustryArena eMagazine 9/2019
Industrial Parts Cleaning Faces Challenges
Get the Spin on Rotors
Specialized Tools Help Deburr Cross-Holes

Our Top Forum Posters

We´re always proud that our esteemed community uses our forum for eager discussions and helping each other. Without our forums for sure some problems of our members would never haven been solved and a lot of machines would never have been finished because of missing knowledege about CNC machining. So, it´s time to honor again our top posters of the last four weeks.

You are welcome to take a look at our top posters of the last 30 days:

96 posts
157 posts
 76 posts

mactec54 is back on the top of the podium. He was by far the most zealous poster last month with amazing 157 posts.

DragonFly sets new standards for tool grinding shops

DragonFly sets new standards

This innovative grinding wheel provides highest precision and efficiency for machining carbide-tipped saws. LACH DIAMANT succeeded in developing a highly innovative grinding wheel for the tooth-face grinding of circular saw blades. This makes machining more cost-efficient – while maintaining highest precision. The unique carrier system with 3-dimensional geometry and extended grinding layer-surface allows ...

Video of the month in the IndustryArena

3-Axis Milling machines - Mikron MILL P 900 - GF Machining Solutions

3-Axis Milling Machines

The Mikron MILL P 900 vertical, 3-Axis Milling machines by GF Machining Solutions deliver quality, competitive-ness, productivity and efficiency for Mold- and-Die manufactures and precise part producers.

Our Top Forum Threads

If you´re supposed to finish your machining projects soon, it´s important to get all problems solved as quickly as possible. If you have problems regarding machining that you cannot work out yourself, a look at our forum is often helpful. Do you already know the most popular forums of the last weeks?

Here are our 7 most viewed forum threads:

Fusion 360 subscription changes 1,851 views
Building my first CNC - final questions 924 views
New version V2.3.4 released 803 views
what to do with this 3+ axis dental cnc machine 673 views
Anyone added Servos to Series 2/3 1100 667 views
Huangyang 2.2kw VFD pd177-180 Errors 645 views
1.5m by 1.5m cnc at rigidity 544 views

Feel free to read and comment in our forum and connect with like-minded people around the world.

Formnext 2019 Frankfurt - leading fair for additive manufacturing

Formnext 2019

The leading global exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent industrial production. Formnext is the leading exhibition and conference dedicated to additive manufacturing and all of its upstream and downstream processes. It takes place from 19 - 22 November 2019 in Frankfurt/Main. Do you want to discover the future of your production? ...

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