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Heterogeneous machine parks with different control types are not uncommon in machining operations. Old systems are operated alongside new systems, so that their computing and storage capacity in machines is limited. Thanks to Liveinspect this is a thing of the past. Because Liveinspect reads the data from the machines and processes them further. The data in the machine is not only collected by Edge Computing, but also reduced by the targeted selection of data sources, so that the generation of irrelevant data is prevented.

Product advantages at a glance
- Control-independent and interface-independent
- Connection to MES systems via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)
- Liveinspect can read any available NC and PLC variable
- Variables can be written (e.g.: alarms)
- These are freely configurable by an editor

- Representation of the actual machine utilization
- Cost reduction through use-dependent maintenance
- Manipulation-proof data storage
- Data can be used to integrate the machine into "Industry 4.0". For example, it is possible to store workpiece-related machine or sensor data.

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