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Electric Axis BK
Controls & electronic equipment > Control and drive systems > Linear motors
Belt-driven rodless electric axis with a V-Lock interface.
The structure features an extremely lightweight yet high-strength anodised aluminium extruded profile.
The typical V-Lock dovetail is obtained at the base of the extruded body ensures easy installation using QS elements; at both sides there are grooves for the installation of the fixing bracket of the (optional) proximity switch that detects the position of the slide.
The slide is moved by means of the polyurethane toothed belt with steel cables.
The parabolic profile of the belt tooth combines with the anti-friction nylon coating to enhance efficiency, reduce the level of noise and vibration from transmission gears.
The slide interface is characterised by the V-Lock profile complete with M5 threaded holes, pinholes and key seats, which guarantees numerous fixing options.
Two different variants of the in-line guiding system are available: the version Medium uses casters running along hardened and tempered steel guides with double-row ball bearings running along the specific H&T steel rail; the version Heavy, high-efficiency, consists of a guiding system with a rail and ball
recirculation pads.
Different motor drives are available, both BRUSHLESS and STEPPING, with optional motor brake and/or built-in encoder. The versions with a BRUSHLESS motor can be equipped with a speed gearbox. The electric axis is also available without motor drive or, on request, with modules for interfacing with motors from the trade.
The motors can be installed on all the four hubs of the heads; the position can be changed at any time without requiring any additional operation.
A conversion kit for the installation of the gantry system starting from a single axis is also available.
Parts and components > Compressed air technology > Air valve technology, general
The EB 80 electro-pneumatic system features the utmost modularity and allows the construction of all types of valve island and size. This enormous potential is not exploited to the full, however, when only a few valves are needed and there is no need to manage input or output signals. BOXI was designed to best meet this requirement for simplicity. It consists of a solid base that accommodates pneumatic and electrical connections, the electronics and up to 4 valves. A comparison with a modular EB 80 for 4 valve shows that BOXI weighs 35% less and saves 30% space, in addition of its competitive price, while maintaining many of the advantages that have made the EB 80 so popular, namely:
- All the EB 80 valves, from the twin 2/2 to the high-flow models, can be installed
- Can be powered at 12VDC or 24VDC
- Interchangeable cartridge fittings
- Only 0.3W to control each valve
- Diagnostics (open circuit, over-under, voltage short-circuit) with LED signal lights
- Possibility of connecting multifunction modules to the outputs
EB80 Splash Area
Parts and components > Compressed air technology > Air valve technology, general
The splash-area assembly kits have been designed and developed for the Food & Beverage industry and, in general, for use in all the situations in which it is advisable to separate the solenoid valves from areas where there are fluids.
The kit can be used to fix a standard EB 80 island to a sheet metal plate, perforated by the customer, with compressed air fittings and pipes installed downstream.
Two models are available, one designed to accommodate 3-8 valves and one 8-12 valves. Other configurations can be made on specific request.
The plate is available in two optional materials: anticorodal 6082 anodized aluminium and AISI 304 stainless steel. Threaded holes are provided in the splash-area side of the plate for air supply, relief, control and utilities.
The EB 80 islands of any type can be fixed to the kit, with either multi-pin or fieldbus connection and signal modules, provided that they have one pneumatic supply source to avoid changing the pitch between valves, and the ports 2 and 4 have Ø 8 fittings and the ports 1 and 3 have Ø 12 fittings.
The valve island can be used with silenced relief provided that the threaded port of the plate is closed.


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