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For everyone who thinks one good turn deserves another – METAV visitors’ campaign launched

December 2017
Author: Sylke Becker (Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit VDW)
Company: Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V.
For everyone who thinks one good turn deserves another – METAV visitors’ campaign launched

The preparations for the METAV 2018 are in full swing. The visitors’ advertising campaign was launched at the end of October with five motifs, complemented by six videos themed around the core area and the four specialised METAV areas. This can all be seen online under www.metav.de or in the METAV Newsroom of IndustryArena under www.industryarena.com/metav.

The visitors’ campaign for the METAV 2018 is characterised by its snappy slogans. For example: “For everyone who thinks one good turn deserves another. The hub is METAV 2018”. This revolves around the core area of metalworking. For the Quality Area, the slogan is: “For everyone who loves the tiniest of details. Get all your details at the METAV 2018.“ For the Additive Manufacturing Area, the message reads: “For everyone who wants multi-layered precision. It all adds up at the METAV 2018.“ For the Moulding Area, the wording is: “For everyone who wants to stay in shape. Your best fit-for-purpose bet is the METAV 2018.“ And for the Medical Area, finally, the slogan reads “For everyone who likes moving with the times. The METAV 2018 moves them for you.”

A similar approach has been adopted for the videos. Shaping visions! Out of fit-for-purpose shape? An appetite for quality? Or Tracking progress! Which one belongs to which area? See for yourself under www.metav.de.

The visitors’ advertising campaign was greenlighted on 27 October 2017. Up to the actual fair, 96 ads will appear in 43 national trade media. In addition, another 93 placements are planned in 79 international media from 19 different countries, complemented by four magazines that will appear in several different nations. The visitors’ advertising campaign will be rounded off by special promotions in the Netherlands. Prospects will be guided by banners to the go-metav.de website. There they can order METAV admission tickets.

The print campaign will be complemented by banner advertising. Current plans are for placing banners on the websites of 57 publishers and trade periodicals, 26 of them international. Many of these media and publishers will also be present in the METAV’s Media Pavilion. 

“There’s a fresh wind blowing through our visitors’ campaign,” says Martin Göbel, Project Manager for the METAV at the VDW. “It’s fun, it fits in neatly with the exhibition concept of the METAV, and it leaves behind the beaten tracks of traditional trade fair advertising.”


Bildquelle: VDW


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