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Metrology isn’t everything – but without metrology nothing is anything

The METAV 2016 in Düsseldorf: quality assurance experts to prioritise thrust for qualitative excellence and advanced training

Frankfurt am Main, 22th July 2015 – Basic training and continuous advanced skilling of the quality management staff in a company are more than just a cost factor. Rather, they are tools for value creation and an investment in the future. In this context, the Quality Area at the METAV 2016 in Düsseldorf provides an ideally successful concept for this purpose – to paraphrase Arthur Schopenhauer: “Metrology isn’t everything – but without metrology nothing is anything!”

The German Society fror Quality Assurance (DGQ), Frankfurt am Main, as one of the biggest networks for quality assurance in Germany, is not only a partner of the METAV, but is also an exhibitor, showcasing its own corporate capabilities for basic and advanced training. To quote Claudia Welker, Managing Director of the advanced-training provider DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH: “In Germany, nine companies out of ten enable their staff to receive advanced training, so as to strengthen the base of skilled employees in their companies. The challenges that both the business community and the manufacturing companies are facing necessitate properly trained and highly motivated staff.” In particular, skilling their specialised staff in terms of both rigorously customised training and holistic, process-focused thinking are demanding tasks for the companies involved.


Quality assurance is always imperative, irrespective of the sector involved and the size of the company concerned

Marco Rasper, Product Manager at DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH with responsibility for the quality assurance and production metrology courses, emphasises: “There’s a widely shared opinion that quality assurance ought to be a particularly prominent focus in sensitive sectors like medical technology or aerospace. This is indubitably correct – but fails to comprehend that in other branches, too, quality assurance is not an end in itself. Rather, it serves the purpose of upgrading customers’ satisfaction levels, by meeting or overfulfilling their requirements, so that they buy the products concerned.” Everything is geared to securing corporate success and thus the company’s continued survival on a sustainable basis: “Quality assurance is thus a contribution towards value creation.”

Mid-tier and more particularly small companies are often confronted with the challenge of decentralising the remits and responsibilities involved in quality assurance. Ideally by transferring these to the owners of the processes concerned. Marco Rasper, admittedly, is not yet prepared to speak of a harmonised job profile for a quality manager: “Operative quality assurance and strategic quality management are interlinked as equals. Both competences have to be firmly anchored in the corporate ethos, they have to be proactively embraced, and together result in continuous improvements.”


Industry 4.0 needs Quality Assurance 4.0

Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff, Head of DGQ Regional and Senior Academic Mentor for research papers and dissertations commissioned by DGQ, succinctly encapsulates the increasing relevance of quality assurance for the manufacturing operations of tomorrow: “For Industry 4.0, we’re going to need Quality Assurance 4.0!” The smart factory of the future will be characterised by complete-coverage networking. He accordingly predicts the following trends: “The perceived importance of quality issues and quality testing will rise, and the degree of automation in quality assurance operations will increase: inline metrology for small batch sizes in series production operations, for example, is one of the challenges ahead.”

Other crucial questions for many senior QA staff will be these: “How do I turn big data (or to put it less politely ‘data dumps’) into smart data? What algorithms will ensure that from the unmanageably vast number of data I can generate the control parameters of genuine relevance for my needs?” The focal point for visitors when it comes to advanced training and quality assurance at the METAV 2016, says DGQ Product Manager Marco Rasper, “will be the DGQ’s stand.”

How the DGQ intends to utilise the METAV 2016 as a platform for its quality thrust is outlined by the advanced-training provider’s Managing Director Claudia Welker as follows: “With its capabilities for sophisticated advanced training, DGQ aims to cover the market’s requirement for QA skilling.” In the shape of the METAV, the VDW is creating a framework that attracts a very sizeable customer potential for advanced QM/QA training.”


Linking up the real and virtual worlds

At Faro Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Korntal-Münchingen, the company’s goal is to provide its customers with a simple, accurate option for linking up the real world to its virtual counterpart. To quote Steffen Kappes, Team Leader Technical Trainings & Support for Germany, Austria and Switzerland: “In our courses, we encounter an enormously disparate spectrum of as-is preconditions in terms of specialised knowledge in the field of production metrology – from beginners to seasoned professionals – and everyone inbetween. ‘Metrological technician’ is not a tightly defined training-based profession, which means that staff have often acquired their qualifications and competences in highly disparate ways.”

Against this background, of course, the METAV 2016 plays an important role for Faro as a platform for its quality thrust.

“In the automotive and mechanical engineering sectors, particularly, we see substantial growth ahead. Our portable coordinate measuring technology is being used by more and more companies in these segments. At the METAV, we can showcase our latest trends and technologies for these companies.”


There’s often an expertise shortfall among the sales staff

For Heinrich Leutenberger, Branch Manager of Vicivision GmbH, Heilbronn, “training our customers’ staff on our optical shaft measuring machines is an essential part of every deal.” The success of these training courses is conditional upon “continual advanced skilling for our own training staff.”

In the past, unfortunately, in the field of measuring instruments too, “more and more job entrants were being hired in the sales operation, and they have almost no practical experience at all.” This lack of relevant know-how means, for example, that instruments for two-dimensional optical measurements are also extolled for measuring surface roughnesses. Since the customers themselves often suffer from the identical dilemma of unfamiliarity with metrological basics, this frequently leads to unprofitable investments and trouble in the making.”

At the METAV 2016, Vicivision will be showcasing a cross-section from its range of optical shaft measuring machines and a new model as well. In any case, says Heinrich Leutenberger, “we shall also at the METAV be appropriately spotlighting our expert consultancy and training capabilities.”


Quality assurance is vital for everyone!

E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG in Pleidelsheim likewise conducts regular training courses, not only for its own staff but also for employees of its sales companies’ agencies in the export market. “Firstly,” says Sales Manager Bernd Schwennig, “in order to provide the staff concerned with the appropriate specialist qualifications and secondly to render them more receptive for quality-awareness overall, thus enabling the companies involved to secure their position as quality leaders on a sustainable basis.” Quality assurance is vital for everyone, since if you do not proactively address this issue and rigorously embrace it, then sooner or later you’re going to lose your position on the market, irrespective of whether we’re talking about SMEs or large corporations,” explains Bernd Schwennig.

When asked about a modern-day job profile, the expert responds with a wink: “What quality assurance staff primarily need is a certain amount of tenacity, enabling them to stand up confidently to the divergent interests inside a company, and to vigorously defend quality-related imperatives against all the parties involved.”

Zoller will be using the METAV 2016 not least for presenting “the firm’s own efforts in its thrust towards Industry 4.0, so as to support in terms of tool provision the networked manufacturing process, from the initial design stage all the way through to the finished component.” For North Rhine-Westphalia and the neighbouring regions, says Zoller’s Sales Manager, “the METAV is an important platform for conveying information into the companies. From the experience gained in previous METAV events, we can safely say that the majority of visitors come from middle management. It’s important to raise awareness levels for quality issues among this visitor category, in particular, since they are the ones who actually implement the measures concerned in the corporate environment. Thus in our view the METAV also constitutes an important showcase in the shared thrust towards qualitative excellence.”


Author: Walter Frick, Specialist journalist from Weikersheim

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METAV 2016 in Düsseldorf

The METAV 2016 – the 19th International Exhibition for Metalworking Technologies – will be held in Düsseldorf from 23 to 27 February. It showcases the entire spectrum of production technology. The principal focuses are machine tools, production systems, high-precision tools, automated material flows, computer technology, industrial electronics, and accessories, complemented by the new themes of Moulding, Medical, Additive Manufacturing and Quality, which are now permanently anchored in what are called “areas” with their own nomenclature in the METAV’s exhibition programme. The METAV’s target group for visitors includes all branches of industry that work metal, particularly machinery and plant manufacturers, the automotive industry and its component suppliers, aerospace, the electrical engineering industry, energy and medical technologies, tool and mould-making, plus metalworking and the craft sector.

Further information under www.metav.de



The German Quality Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität e.V. or DGQ), with a staff of 100, around 6,500 members and 200 trainers, nowadays constitutes one of Germany’s biggest quality management networks. The DGQ regional working groups, the DGQ specialist working groups and the members’ platform DGQ-Active offer forums for exchanging empirical feedback and for developing new quality management approaches in conjunction with other experts. The DGQ incorporates the practical requirements involved into the national and international standardisation work. The quality mission statement that the DGQ develops is supported by numerous political decision-makers and company directors. The DGQ is continuously upgrading and refining the job profile of a quality manager in the light of the latest academic findings and the ongoing challenges being encountered on the market. DGQ personal certificates are widely recognised in the business community, and are acknowledged as an objective confirmation of competence. Partnerships with the EOQ (European Organization for Quality), EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and the ASQ (American Society for Quality) mean the DGQ is part of a global network.

Further information under www.dgq.de



Faro is one of the world’s leading vendors of 3D measuring technology. The company develops and sells computer-aided measuring instruments and imaging devices, plus the corresponding software. Faro’s technology ensures maximised precision for 3D measurements, imaging and for comparing components and complex structures in production and quality assurance processes. The instruments are used not only for inspecting components or assemblies, for fast prototype development, for documenting high-volume spaces or structures in 3D and for surveying or construction work, but also for examining and reconstructing accident locations or crime scenes. All over the world, about 15,000 customers are operating more than 30,000 installations from Faro. The company’s global headquarters is located in Lake Mary (Florida, USA), the European regional headquarters is located in Stuttgart and the regional headquarters for Asia and the Pacific region in Singapore. Faro possesses additional subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

Further information under www.faro.com/de-de



Vicivision GmbH from Heilbronn is the sales and service subsidiary of the Italian company Vici & C. S.p.A. This mid-tier family firm, headquartered in Santarcangelo near Rimini, was founded in 1977, and meanwhile employs more than 90 people. With specialised measuring and testing systems for automakers and their component suppliers, the company has acquired a fund of specialised expertise in optical metrology, with which the MTL series of shaft measuring instruments has been developed. These systems are used particularly by traditional subcontractors for turned parts, in medical and dental technology, at automakers and their component suppliers, and at manufacturing companies in the fields of drive systems, transmissions, and electric motors. The optical measuring systems are sold worldwide through partners and the firm’s own subsidiaries.

Further information under www.vicivision.de



For almost 70 years now, E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG. in Pleidelsheim near Stuttgart has been developing innovative solutions for testing and measuring technology geared to enhanced cost-efficiency in the manufacturing process. More than 30,000 adjusting and measuring instruments have been installed so far worldwide. Zoller is progressively evolving from a manufacturer of adjusting and measuring instruments into a globally operating technology vendor and complete-system problem-solver. An international network of subsidiaries and agents guarantees maximised service quality based on personal customer support.

Further information under www.zoller.info


Picture captions

The advantage of non-contact metrology: laser-beam instruments enable even complex components and surfaces to be measured in high-detail resolutions.
Source: Faro Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Korntal-Münchingen

A measuring instrument is only as good as its user. Training events in the shape of courses and workshops communicate practical expertise.
Source: Faro Europe GmbH & Co. KG, Korntal-Münchingen

Tool management solutions: complete consistency of tool data from the original drawing to the finished component (TMS Tool Management Solutions).
Source: E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG,Pleidelsheim

Complete-coverage logging assures 100 % verifiable quality.

Source: E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG, Pleidelsheim


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