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North Rhine-Westphalia to score highly at the METAV as leading technology centre

North Rhine-Westphalia to score highly at the METAV 2014 as a leading technology centre   


Frankfurt am Main, 28 November 2013. – At the METAV in Düsseldorf from 11 to 15 March 2014, ProductionNRW, the Mechanical Engineering/ Production Technology Cluster, will be organising multifarious activities designed to demonstrate the performative capabilities of North Rhine-Westphalia’s companies. Under the aegis of a shared state stand, which is being organised by NRW’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, exhibitors will be showcasing the subjects of efficient production and efficient products, plus Industry 4.0. A congress will provide in-depth coverage of mechatronic systems, which constitute an important lever for efficient production and efficient production in particular. Within the framework of a business breakfast with Dutch companies, finally, NRW will be positioning itself as a hub for successful business with our neighbours.

With its shared stand at the fair, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia will be enabling small and mid-tier companies to present their performative and competitive capabilities at the METAV 2014. “The stand at the fair offers the exhibitors involved a perfect shop window to showcase their strengths and competences at an international trade fair venue, and that combined with an attractive package of services”, says Hans-Jürgen Alt, Cluster Manager ProductionNRW and Executive Director of the VDMA in North Rhine-Westphalia, who heads the Cluster. At the same time, NRW will thus be showcasing its attractions as a leading business and manufacturing location within Germany and Europe.

The shared state stand is being organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Mid-Tier Companies and Crafts of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in conjunction with ProductionNRW and other State Clusters from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Efficient production and efficient products
The principal focus of the fair participation involved is “efficient production and efficient products”. North Rhine-Westphalia’s companies are a shining example of how economic efficiency and resource-economy can be effectively synergised.

“As vendors of sustainable technologies, plant and machinery manufacturers are absolutely key when it comes to improving the efficiency of production operations”, explains Hans-Jürgen Alt. The companies in this sector are enablers and technology leaders in many fields, and have integrated the very latest findings in their products and lines. They have thus made it possible for both their customers and themselves to launch innovative technologies and products on the market. “With up-to-the-future solutions along the entire value creation chain, they make a vital contribution to dependability of supply, resource-economy and efficient energy utilisation”, says Alt.

Mechatronics meet Industry 4.0
One crucial lever for efficient production and efficient products is mechatronic systems. The ProductionNRW Cluster will accordingly be providing an in-depth examination of “Mechatronic Systems " in a congress to be held on 12 March 2014 from 1.30 to approx. 5.00 p.m. It will map out possible applications, highlight the latest developments, and provide meaningful information regarding mechatronics. The congress will serve for an exchange of empirical feedback on the high and medium management levels and provide networking advantages for the protagonists from the business and academic communities, with the aim of synergising and upgrading the competences involved.

Industry 4.0 at the METAV
The shared state stand will also be focusing on the subject of “Industry 4.0”, in which North Rhine-Westphalia plays a leading role nationwide. “The combination of technology and world-market leaders plus internationally renowned top-level research is unique nationwide”, explains Hans-Jürgen Alt. It creates new solutions in the fields of self-optimisation, man-machine interaction, intelligent networking, energy-efficiency and systems engineering, examples of which will all be on show at the METAV.

NRW – Netherlands Business Breakfast
Likewise on 12 March 2014, from 10.00 to approx. 1.00 p.m., under the motto of “Mechanical Engineering and Networks in North Rhine-Westphalia”, the ProductionNRW Cluster will be organising a NRW-Dutch business breakfast. “We are aiming here to spotlight North Rhine-Westphalia’s special position as a hub for brokering contacts and business with our important neighbours”, says Hans-Jürgen Alt of the VDMA. The principal focus here, he adds, is on getting mutually acquainted and exchanging information between Dutch companies and networks and their counterparts from North Rhine-Westphalia. In a guided tour to various special shows of the METAV, participants will also familiarise themselves with technological highlights and protagonists in the fields of medical technology, rapid manufacturing and carbon composites. Invitations will in particular go to representatives of the medium and higher management levels from companies involved in production technology and automation, plus network representatives. 


You will find texts and pictures on the internet under www.metav.de. You can also visit METAV through our social media channels: 


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